Who is getting tracked by Bill Gates?

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Re: Who is getting tracked by Bill Gates?

Postby Darcy » Mon Nov 29, 2021 12:21 pm

ReptilianKittenEater wrote:
Anyone react to any other vaccines? Some people react to Yellow Fever but I had no problem with it. I seem to recall minor side effects from another one, maybe Japanese Encephalitis. A Hep A booster about 20 years ago made my arm feel like it had fallen off.

Flying EMS and all the travel, I think I've got every shot going. Was able to weasel out of the anthrax on a job last year, as "they" missed it and I didn't remind them. Never took any antimalarials either, even though I spent almost in decade in sub-Saharan Africa. My buddy took it constantly for twenty years (mostly working Uganda) and no ill effects, but I skipped.

Only bad reaction was Typherix. Got my typhoid shot for a Papua New Guinea job in the afternoon, and was out with the wife and folks for a nice dinner in Montreal. It hit hard and fast. On the walk back to my apartment I had to drop drawers and paint an alley downtown.

Dead arm from the moderna for 12 hours but that was it.
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Postby el3so » Sun Jan 16, 2022 10:21 pm

Got the booster a couple of days ago. 2G+ measures in place in France and parts of Germany, we'll follow.

Omicron isn't swamping our ICUs, optimists think this sh!t is all over.
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