World's Top 100 Intellectuals

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Re: World's Top 100 Intellectuals

Postby RYP » Fri Jun 27, 2008 2:23 pm


I nominate Gary Coleman, Boy George and that skanky english torch singer...cuz they make us think a lot about why we are glad they are not them
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Re: World's Top 100 Intellectuals

Postby Penta » Fri Jun 27, 2008 10:01 pm

Zero wrote:When I first started taking political science courses, the first thing I did was start looking up citations; most of these people appear to circle jerk each other with them. They all say the same crap, and with some notable exceptions, it's basically useless.

Oh, and this looks interesting:

I think I can get behind this powell fellow's ideas.

You obviously missed this, Zero:

... Powell's dislike of the United States was planted. After talking with some senior American officials, he became convinced that one of America's main war aims was to destroy the British Empire. Writing home on 16 February 1943, Powell said: "I see growing on the horizon the greater peril than Germany or Japan ever were... our terrible enemy, America...."
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Same here.
Mega ditto.
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Re: World's Top 100 Intellectuals

Postby Zero » Fri Jun 27, 2008 10:16 pm

I'm an American, not a Brit, so I'm glad that his ideas didn't catch on with you guys. I generally agree with that assessment actually, though I think that America's generally anti-colonial stance at the end of WWII had little to do with Britain.

I will restate: I could totally get behind a similar philosophy coming from a US politician.
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Re: World's Top 100 Intellectuals

Postby Kurt » Sun Jul 17, 2016 8:22 pm

Wow, Gulen made it to number 1 8 years ago. And now he inspires a Coup.

It'd be really funny if Niall Ferguson inspired one next.

And yeah, Thread Resurrection. I did this.

RYP wrote:Sorry Jumper you didn't make it this year....Turkish and Islamic scholars head the list... Al Gore only came in at 12th!

List: the 100 leading intellectuals

World's top thinkers according to a survey by Prospect and Foreign Policy magazines

* Monday June 23, 2008

1 Fethullah Gulen

2 Muhammad Yunus

3 Yusuf al-Qaradawi

4 Orhan Pamuk

5 Aitzaz Ahsan

6 Amr Khaled

7 Abdolkarim Soroush

8 Tariq Ramadan

9 Mahmood Mamdani

10 Shirin Ebadi

11 Noam Chomsky

12 Al Gore

13 Bernard Lewis

14 Umberto Eco

15 Ayaan Hirsi Ali

16 Amartya Sen

17 Fareed Zakaria

18 Garry Kasparov

19 Richard Dawkins

20 Mario Vargas Llosa

21 Lee Smolin

22 Jürgen Habermas

23 Salman Rushdie

24 Sari Nusseibeh

25 Slavoj Zizek

26 Vaclav Havel

27 Christopher Hitchens

28 Samuel Huntington

29 Peter Singer

30 Paul Krugman

31 Jared Diamond

32 Pope Benedict XVI

33 Fan Gang

34 Michael Ignatieff

35 Fernando Henrique Cardoso

36 Lilia Shevtsova

37 Charles Taylor

38 Martin Wolf

39 EO Wilson

40 Thomas Friedman

41 Bjorn Lomborg

42 Daniel Dennett

43 Francis Fukuyama

44 Ramachandra Guha

45 Tony Judt

46 Steven Levitt

47 Nouriel Roubini

48 Jeffrey Sachs

49 Wang Hui

50 VS Ramachandran

51 Drew Gilpin Faust

52 Lawrence Lessig

53 JM Coetzee

54 Fernando Savater

55 Wole Soyinka

56 Yan Xuetong

57 Steven Pinker

58 Alma Guillermoprieto

59 Sunita Narain

60 Anies Baswedan

61 Michael Walzer

62 Niall Ferguson

63 George Ayittey

64 Ashis Nandy

65 David Petraeus

66 Olivier Roy

67 Lawrence Summers

68 Martha Nussbaum

69 Robert Kagan

70 James Lovelock

71 J Craig Venter

72 Amos Oz

73 Samantha Power

74 Lee Kuan Yew

75 Hu Shuli

76 Kwame Anthony Appiah

77 Malcolm Gladwell

78 Alexander De Waal

79 Gianni Riotta

80 Daniel Barenboim

81 Thérèse Delpech

82 William Easterly

83 Minxin Pei

84 Richard Posner

85 Ivan Krastev

86 Enrique Krauze

87 Anne Applebaum

88 Rem Koolhaas

89 Jacques Attali

90 Paul Collier

91 Esther Duflo

92 Michael Spence

93 Robert Putnam

94 Harold Varmus

95 Howard Gardner

96 Daniel Kahneman

97 Yegor Gaidar

98 Neil Gershenfeld

99 Alain Finkielkraut

100 Ian Buruma
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Re: World's Top 100 Intellectuals

Postby flipflop » Thu Jul 21, 2016 3:55 pm

It's still Enoch Powell.

And he tops the list of prophecies too, because if a shitskin immigrant driving a truck full speed through a crowd in Nice doesn't represent 'Rivers of Blood' what does?

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Re: World's Top 100 Intellectuals

Postby Douchebag » Thu Jul 21, 2016 4:35 pm

flipflop wrote:It's still Enoch Powell.

And he tops the list of prophecies too, because if a shitskin immigrant driving a truck full speed through a crowd in Nice doesn't represent 'Rivers of Blood' what does?


Yeah yeah!!! Rivers of blood!!!
Build BIG camps, just like the Aussies. I would make all immigrants made to wear badges too because you don;t know which one could be a terrorist or a criminal.
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