Dari language amusements

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Dari language amusements

Postby thewalrus » Wed Jul 15, 2009 1:52 pm

Some random things from Dari... there's quite a few unfortunate collisions between normal English phonetic words and what they mean in Dari. Some of this is Kabul dialect specific.

"Money" - sounds exactly like the English use of money, as in paisa (cash money in Dari), but translates best as semen. Great fun for the Afghan finance guys.

"Care" - translates best as Penis. Be CAREFUL driving to Kandahar!

The http://www.dailykos.com political news website is a source of amusement, as "kos" is the best was to write in English the Dari word for pussy, twat, cunt, punani, etc. It's the rude form of the word, "farch" is the medical word for the female anatomy.

And here's a Persian (Iranian) swearing guide cut and pasted:

Persian (Farsi) Swearing English Translation
Madar kooni Your mom is gay
Tu zetch hasti You're ugly!
Tu khaly booeh bad mead You smell really bad
Kos é nanat khaly khoob hast Your mother's pussy is good
Mazhabeto gayidam I fucked your religion
Kiret biyofteh May your penis fall
Sag bokonatet May a dog fuck you
Sag nanato kard A dog fucked your mom
Kiram too ajdadet My cock in your ancestors
Zamino bokoni Fuck the ground
Abam too damaghet My cum in your nose
Pedarbozorget nanato kard Your grandfather fucked your mom
Anam layeh dandoonat My shit in-between your teeth
Nanat sag suk mizaneh Your mom gives dogs blowjobs
Tokmat gereh bokhoran May your balls get tied in a knot
Marg! Shut the fuck up! (lit. Death)
Choob too konet A stick in your ass
Kapootam pareh shod, to dar oomadi My condom ripped and you were born
Pedar kos de Your father has a pussy and he gives it
Jakesh Pimp
Sag mazhab You have the religion of a dog
Molla nanato kard A Mullah fucked your mother
Mafangi Crackhead
Kiri Crappy (lit. like a cock)
Shashidam too moohat I pissed in your hair
Pashmam too damaget My pubic hair in your nose
Mesleh sag bemiri May you die like a dog
Tanet mikhareh? You want me to kick the shit out of you?
Be kiram Who cares? (lit. to my cock)
Abam to moohat khoshk besheh May my cum dry in your hair
Ridam be haykalet I shit upon your husk
Mokh kapak zadeh Your brain is rotting
Tokhmam too galoot My balls in your throat
Hendooneh! Shut up (lit. watermelon)
Tooleh sag! Insignificant dog! (lit. puppy)
Heyvoon! Animal!
Antar Baboon
Kiret mariz besheh An infection to your penis
Kos kapak zadeh Moldy cunt
Dahaneto goh begireh May your mouth be covered in shit
La massab Immoral/sacrilegious person
Kiram too roohet My dick in your soul
Ridam be ghabre babat I shit on your fathers grave
Tokhmat bere too koonet May your balls go into your ass
Morde shooreto bebaran May you be washed by a corpse washer. (I hope
you die)
Goozidam too cheshmet I fart in your eye
Gom sho! Get lost!
Boro be jahanam! Go to hell
Shashidam too goshet! I piss in your ear
Goh bebareh roo gahbret May shit rain upon your grave
Borro gardanettoh beshkahn Go break your neck (Fuck off)
Shoorbakht Beshei May your luck turn sour
Tu kooneh mollah chapeh beshi May you be shoved into the ass of a Mullah
Meshosham beh seebillet I piss on your moustache
Kosefil Elephant's Cunt
Coony Faggot
Kesafat You dirty piece of shit
An Diarrhea
Kos-khol Pussy addict
Khar Idiot
Ouzgal Idiot
Ahmag Idiot
Beshoor Idiot
An damagh Booger
Khange khodah Screw-up of god
Antareh gav Annoying cow
Kosskesh Pussy-licker
Kir Cock
Golole Shit
Goh Shit
Reed Shit
Amaleh A lowly labor worker
Mamaneto kardam I've fucked your mom
Fuzul Nosy
Madar jendeh Your mom is a whore
Zahre mar Fuck off (lit. Snake's venom)
Kiram tu dahanet Suck my dick
Bichare Pathetic, without luck
Madar sag Your mom is a dog
Pedar Sag Your father is a dog
Pedar suchte Your father burned in hell
Madar suchte Your mother burned in hell
Guuz Fart
Avaazi An idiot (lit. mixed up)
Biishaaraf Without pride, unethical
Khaar koss deh Your sister dishes pussy
Nane jende Your mama is a slut
Kiram tu koset My dick in your pussy
Kiram tu kose nanat My dick in your mom's pussy
Ashghal Garbage
Kos Pussy
Jende Prostitute
Madar jende Your mom's a whore
Jakesh Pimp
Koskesh Slut (refers to pussy that is stretched and loose)
Kun Ass
Kuni Fag (lit. one who takes it up the ass)
Khahareto gayidam I fucked your sister
Kirinam rut I'll shit on you
Boro Gomsho Kooni Get lost faggot
Madareto kardam I fucked your mum
Kos nane Your mom's pussy
Kiram to koonet My dick up your asshole
Kiram to koone nanat My dick up your mother's asshole
Bemiri eenshalah Hope you die soon
Kospedar Lord of all pussies
Nane sag Your mom's a dog
Sag Dog
Khar kuss Jack ass
Jende Prostitute, whore
Khafe Sho Shut up
Dahaneto beband Shut your mouth
Dahane boogandooto beband Shut your stinky mouth
Gaav Cow, idiot
Koon nashhoor Unwashed ass
Kooneh sag Dog's ass
Jadetto gaeedam I fucked your ancestors
Choseh khar Donkey's fart
Choskhor Fart-eater (lit. cheap shit)
Khoon gohshad Lazy
Tookhmeh sag Seed of a dog
Tookhmeh khar Seed of a donkey
Oolagh Donkey (ass)
Nane khar Your mother is a donkey
Kuft May you die
Pustè khar Tough skin (skin of a donkey)
Geddah Beggar
Cholagh Cripple
Lanati Damned
Gusaleh Calf
Keerlees A penis-licker
Koslees A pussy-licker
Keeresag meechoosi Do you suck a dog's dick?
Aghabmunde Retard
Kos pareh khar Your sister's cunt is wrecked
Pedar koondeh Your father gets fucked up the ass
Koon kesh A pimp who specializes in gay prostitutes
Favareh pizi A gay man whose ass is full of cum
Nane kiri Your mother looks like a cock
Kiram too roohe aval va akharet Men fuck the soul of all your ancestors
Reedam be ghabre babat I shit on your father's grave
Kiram tu mazhabet Fuck your religion
Kosse nanat Your mother's cunt
Kiram tu toohe babat May your father's soul be fucked
Kira Resembling a cock
Jaghool Masturbator
Abji kosteh Someone whose sister is promiscuous
Nane kooni Someone whose mother likes anal sex
Mordeh shooret I hope you are ready to die and be buried
Khabare marget I hope to hear the news of your death
Goh khordi You are shit
Tokhmam kafe dastet My testicles on your palm
Choochoole nanat Your mother's clitoris
Goh Khordi Oh shit! (lit. You ate shit)
Koondeh bazari Cheep faggot
Koondeh Lashi Lazy dirty faggot
Kar Dumbass
Madar Gendu Mother fucker
Patiyareh Whore
Koss-Paareh Torn pussy
Kosoo Horny whore
Khar-Kos Big pussy
Kosseh Sher Bull shit
Jendeh Dagoori Cheap whore
Bacheh Mozalaf Faggot
Mee goozam rangesh kon Fuck off (lit. try to paint my fart)
Keeram tu lopet My dick on your cheeks
Keeram tu faket My dick in your jaws
Keeram tu koset My dick in your pussy
Koonde You get fucked up the ass
Gaeedamet Fuck you!
Kos gandide A stinky, unwashed pussy
Kiram to ghoshit My dick in your ear
Kiram to cheshat My cock in your eyes
Shashidam too Kosseh Nanat! I just pissed in your mamma's pussy
Kiram too koone ammat My dick in your aunt's ass
Kir-ghazal Bullshit
Eeshala tah akhareh ohmret geryeh bokoney I hope you cry for the rest
of your life.
Tenji Pussy
In Farsi Don't Talk Shit!!
Bache poruu A child whose has a large ego, big head.
Bache nanee A mama's boy.
Bache cooney A kid faggot
Antar Shimpanse
Ravani Crazy
Kiram tu Kunet Take my dick up your ass
Khak bar Saret Damn You
Ab-Kir Sperm (Penis Water)
Khuk Pig
Goh Bokhor Eat Shit
Chos Quiet stinky fart
Chosi Stinker
Suck bezan Suck me
Tupam My balls
Be Tokhmam Damn it!
Man mishaasham rooyeh saret taa kaf koneh I'll piss on your head until
it foams
Bia bokhor Suck my dick (lit. come and eat)
Teeleet nosy
Anam baraat morabaas My shit is your jam
Mashang Retard
Boogh Fart
Korreh khar You're a son of a donkey!
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Re: Dari language amusements

Postby thewalrus » Wed Jul 15, 2009 2:00 pm

Oh yeah... On the polite side of things, if you're stocking up firewood for the winter be sure to measure by the "Kharwar", literally donkeyloads. It's a traditional unit of measurement that equals the weight of wood which can be packed on the average sized northern Afghanistan donkey in two bags.

Oval watermelons are tarbuz, but round watermelons are Kharbuza, literally donkey-melons... In the southern regions where they grow apparently they're so common in places that they're used as donkey food.

Sticky toffees you eat with chai sapz are always called "chocolate", even when they're fruit flavored or have nothing to do with chocolate... Real chocolate is cacao.

The word for sheep is pronounced exactly like "goose fan", imagine a room fan and a goose and you won't forget it.

On the rude side again, Lays brand potato chips are an endless source of amusement to Afghans in Pakistan because Lays means "licking". We all know how much Pakistanis love their Lays!
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no offence to BFC-ers of the non-whitey persuasion but...

Postby el3so » Wed Jul 15, 2009 2:16 pm

thewalrus wrote: Oval watermelons are tarbuz
It 'd make more sense if they 'd call them koon kesh.

I will go burn in Hell now.
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Re: Dari language amusements

Postby ktrout » Wed Jul 15, 2009 3:11 pm

Thanks, now I know something about conjugations in Persian.
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Re: Dari language amusements

Postby Kurt » Wed Jul 15, 2009 4:22 pm

I will have to remember not to ask the waiter for a Kir Royal in Tabriz.
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Re: Dari language amusements

Postby Penta » Wed Jul 15, 2009 4:56 pm

Kurt wrote:I will have to remember not to ask the waiter for a Kir Royal in Tabriz.

Right on so many levels.
Shes never interfered with me. I have no complaints about her.
Same here.
Mega ditto.
I met her once and I found her to be a nice lady. Not kookey in any way.
Penta has always been gracious, kind and very sane in all my interactions with her.
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Re: Dari language amusements

Postby Zero » Wed Jul 15, 2009 5:27 pm

Careful analysis of twitter and 'the blogosphere' over the past few weeks indicates that the word 'Persian' is Farsi for 'attention whore'.
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Re: Dari language amusements

Postby ktrout » Wed Jul 15, 2009 9:20 pm

Zero wrote:Careful analysis of twitter and 'the blogosphere' over the past few weeks indicates that the word 'Persian' is Farsi for 'attention whore'.

I remember playing "Prince of Persia" when I was a lad. Great game. I was really impressed with the animation in it.
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Re: Dari language amusements

Postby friendlyskies » Wed Jul 15, 2009 11:03 pm

I've pretty much forgotten all my Persian, but I remember one time some asshole was coming onto me at a store, then grabbed me, really suggestively - it wasn't about flirting, he was just being a jerk. Like I wasn't supposed to be shopping there dressed like I was. Hey, it's LA, not Tehran, dumbass. Anyway, a whole bunch of swear words came flooding back, lots of them listed here :). It was beautiful, the guy jumped like I'd bit him, knocked PILES of stuff over, everyone in the whole store was just shocked that the gringa bitch was laying it down like a local.

Anyway, I plan to study these carefully, so I'll never forget the really important phrases ever again. Mamnoon.
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Re: Dari language amusements

Postby Aryan » Wed Jul 15, 2009 11:37 pm

A lot of the phrases are made up with poorly declined nouns, with others the author has added extra words to the english translation to make it sound a lot worse than it actually is.
thewalrus wrote:Oval watermelons are tarbuz, but round watermelons are Kharbuza, literally donkey-melons... In the southern regions where they grow apparently they're so common in places that they're used as donkey food.

That's never occurred to me, even though I've used that word for honey melon for years. I've been schooled.
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Re: Dari language amusements

Postby friendlyskies » Thu Jul 16, 2009 1:50 am

Persian Slang Dictionary
Basic Info
Entertainment & Arts - Books & Literature
If you get confused when Iranians are speaking in a totally different language, you may need a Persian Slang Dictionary. Here are some words i translated which will help.

-Abdollah, Asghar, Ghazanfar: Funny names, usually mean being retarded
-Ab Shangooli: Alcohol
-Amar: information about something or someone
-Ananas: A gay person
-Aragh sagi: High Percent % alcoholic beverage or Moonshine
-Asghar taraghe: Fiery, short fuse, or hot tempered personality
-Atighe: Something that's not useful at all
-Avizoon, sirish, kane, zigil: A person who is always annoying you and doesnt let go
-Bache Mosbat: Someone who is generally a nice person and does everything which is morally right
-Bacheye nikeh roozegar: Someone who is a kind person
-Balesh: A person who is bad in bed
-Bang: Drugs
-Ba maram: Someone is who very nice and polite
-Baro Bax: Friends
-Bechooghim: Smoking
-Beterekoon: a person who adds flavor to the party
-Betighesh: It means to use something until there is nothing left
-Bihkial: foget it about it
-Boshkeh: A fat person
-Chaghal: Gay
-Chakeram, Mokhlesam, Nokaretam, Khake zire patam: These are persian ways of saying thank you, i appreciate it.
-Chanim: High
-Chet: high and intoxicated
-Chete Chet: Very high and intoxicated
-CHI DADASH!?!?: This is the equivalence of "NIGGA WHAT!?" in persian
-Cigari: Weed
-Class gozashtan: wanting to do something really bad and pretending that you dont want to do it.
-Compooteh Hooloo: A car full of girls
-Cooocooli: Drugs, most likely cocaine ( im not sure )
-Dadash, daash, daashy: homie
-Damet Garm: Good job
-Daro duff: Hot girls
-Dary Bary or Shero ver: Bullshit , yapping, talking too much
-Do be ham zan: A person who ruins friendships
-Dodar: Standing up, ditching or stealing
-Doostedokhtare Fabrik: Your main girlfriend
-Doostepesare Fabrik: Your main boyfriend
-Dor dor zadan: Driving up and down the same street for hours attempting to flirt with girls
-Dore Hami: A get together
-Duff, Duffi, Duffulak: Hot girl
-Duff barghi : A hot girl who has puffed up hair and lots and lots of make up on
-Duff Lazem: A person who needs a girl
-Duffaye Poshte Vitrin: Hot girls who only date rich men
-Duffe sabok: Easy chick
-Duffe sangin: Hard chick
-Effe kosclassic: A snob who gives attitude
-Ekeep: a group of friends
-Endesheh or Akheresheh: It's top notch
-Eva Khahar: A man who acts girlish and who is most likely gay
-Eyval: Said when someone does something nice and considerate for you.
-Fak Zadan: Talking a lot
-Fashioneh: Someone with a good style
-Fawti commando: the women who wear chador and have guns in Iran
-Fazanavard: A person who uses drugs
-Faz Bede or Hal Bede: Show a good time
-Fekr kon: Can you imagine
-Fekr kon yek darsad: Dont imagine it, not even 1%
-Felfel sabz: Soldiers (the color of their clothes is green)
-Fench: an annoying kid, who think he/she is mature.
-Fenjoon: A name that you give to your small friends considering their size
-Fentel: An annoying younger girl
-Film Super: A Pornographic Film
-Gagool: Dumb
-Ghawltawgh: Someone who scams people
-Ghazvini: A gay person
-Ghif Naya: Don't show off
-Ghilas: A way of saying something sucks
-Golabi: A fool
-Googooli: Cute
-Goosfand: A person who have curly hair
-Gooshti: A cute girl with love handles
-Goozpich: Wind somone up
-Gorkhidan: Being scared and running away
-Hadaf Bang: Someone with no purpose
-Hang Zadan: This is when your brain or computer freezes.
-Hessesh Nist: Dont feel it
-Hooloo: A hot girl with nice curves
-Hooloo, Shaftaloo, Zardaloo, Albaloo: All are nicknames for female sex anatomies
-Hotel: A work place or school environment where you can do whatever you want, whenever.
-Ikbiri, orangutan, meymoon, antarkib: Ugly
-Inkareyi: You know your stuff
-Jafang: a person who is really dumb
-Jav zadeh: a person who over exaggerates everything and takes things out of proportion to the point it becomes funny.
-Javad: Someone with no sense of fashion
-Javad Makhfi: A peugeot 405 with a peykan engine in it.
-Javad Mobil: Peykan
-Javad Titanic: Individuals who think they are really fashionable when infact they are not
-Jigar: Someone Hot
-Jolbag: A person who always goes to parties without being invited, and never pays for anything.
-Joojeh fokoli: A very gangster way of referring to someone who is young and naive and not of the streets.
-Jooje talayi: a really really really cute chick
-Kaf Kardam: I was amazed!!
-Kafam Borid: I was so shocked/ amazed...
-Kal or kal kal: an arguement
-Kal andakhtan: Starting a competition
-Kalan: Police officers
-Kaleh khar: A person who is CRAZY and HUGE
-Karet doroste: Youre awesome
-Khafan: Something really CRAAAZY
Khafan bazar: A place where many hot girls and boys are gathered in
-Khaki: Humble
-Khalaf Sangin: Gangster
-Khali Band: A person who lies and tells fake stories
-Khanoomi: Something you call your girlfriend
-Khar Bezan: Study hard
-Khar Khoon: A person who studies a lot
-Kharabetam: You say this to someone you find irresistible
-Khat Khati: Angry or Pissed
-Khaye mal: a ruder version of saying sucking up
-Khaz: Something lame
-Khodast: It's the BOMB
-Khof: Something really unimaginable
-Khorak: Something which is easy for you do to and you enjoy doing it
-Kilid kardan: Sticking to a subject and not letting go of it until ppl are telling you to shut up
-Koli: A gypsy
-Kop Kardam: I was suprised or I was shocked
-K*s charkh: Riding around looking for hot girls
-K*s Kaf: Someone who's world is based around girls and is upsest with them and goes out of his way to get with them.
-K*s lis: Pussy whipped
-Kulawk Mikone: He or She is the best at what they're doing and owns it.
-Las Khoshkeh: Flirting or Foreplay
-Looti: A really nice and cool guy
-Maghzesh gerde: You say this to a person with no brain
-Marde Amal: A junkie
-Marmoolak: A sneaky person
-Mashti, Dayi, Amoo, Haji: These words are equivalent to dude or buddy in English
-Masto malang: A girl who is drunk and naughty
-Maye dar: Rich
-Mikh: Someone who is out of it
-Mofangi: Crackhead
-Mokh Zadan: Picking up chicks by flirting
-Nakh dar behesht: A thong
-Oghdeyi: Someone trying to prove that they are the coolest, all the time, none stop.
-Os, Oscol, shaskool, mayube, ghozmit: Stupid
-Oushkool: A politer way of saying oscol
-Oto zadan: guys picks up girls and vise versa
-Otoo keshideh: Someone who always has clean clothes on and is very neat.
-Pache khar: a person who Sucks up
-Pachevarmalide: A deceitful person or a person with no shame
-Panir: Drugs
-Party Bazi: Getting hooked up by having connections
-Pashmam fer khord!!: This means i was really scared or really shocked!!
-Pashmam rikht: I was scared or I was shocked
-Pashmak: A hairy person
-Pastorizeh: Someone who dosn't do drugs, have sex or drink alcohol
-Payatam: This means im down.
-Pichoondan: Ditching or Standing up or stealing
-Piftal: A person with no sense of style
-Peyk: A shot of alcohol
-Puffi: A hot guy
-Radifeh: It's set to go or it's good stuff
-Rah nadare: There is no way
-Rapper: A person who wears baggy clothing
-Refighe Fabrik: Good friends
-Sag mast: Really drunk
-Sawmet: Silent
-Sefr Bisto yek (021): Tehran, this is actually the area code of Tehran
-Seh shod: You say this when you get caught doing something sneaky
-Seh Soot: Instantly
-Shah K*s: An extremely hot girl; a super duff
-Shakh: A person who is really cheeky and always runs his mouth
-Shasi boland: A girl wearing high heels with nice legs.
-Shawki: Getting pissed off
-Sibil party: A party with too many guys in it
-Shorte G string or Shorte Nakhi: A thong
-Sooti or sooti dadan: doing something accidentally which is quite embarrassing
-Soosketoon mikonam: I'll make fools out of you
-Still: Style
-Sujeye Khande: Something or Someone who brings laughter
-Tablo: Something that stands out in an awkward way
-Tagari Zadan: Throwing up when pissed drunk
-Tak: One of a kind
-Tak Avar: A person who scores less than 10 in a exam
-Tavahom Zadan: Tripping out
-Ter Zadam: I Screwed up; usually said when you screw up a exam
-Terekoondan: the act of having a good time and giving everyone else a good time
-Tick Zadan: Flirting
-Tokhmi takhayoli: Crazy or Messed up
-Too faza: High as a kite
-Toop: Awesome
-Toope Toppe: Very awesome
-Trip: a way of doing something
-Tripe love gozashtan: people being in love and not affraid to show it
-Vitamin or Protien: A cool person or someone who you have fun when you hang out with
-Yaroo tatile: This means a person is out of it
-Zaghart: A person who is out of it due to narcotics
-Zakhar: Someone Lame
-Zawblow: A combination of tablo and zaye
-Zede hal: The act of someone making you feel like shit, after they have done or said something
-Zeyd: a love, most likely a girl ( old school slang )
-Zir ab raftan: doing it the sneaky way

Persian Tike Andakhtan:

-Bia injzaaa joon: come here, i wanna talk to you
-Dar khedmat bashim: I wanna be in your service (sexually)
-Boro gomsho Kesafate antare bishoor!: The response you get half the time when you say the above pick up line.
-Faaz mosbat bede duffi: Put out
-Babat karkhooneye namak dare ke enghadr to namaki?: This is telling someone in persian that their really funny and cute.
-Jigaleto bokholam: This means youre soo cute and i wanna eat you
-Chiye tahala khoshkel nadidi?: You say this to a person who has been starring at you for like an hour and is making you feel uncomfortable
-Ah! kilid nakon: This is the respond you give someone who keeps asking the same question over and over again.
-Velam kon baba, cheghad sirishi: This line is the last resort when persian guys cant read your leave me alone signal.
-Lapat Bademjoon: This is a dirty response when people say "JOOOON!"
-Khoshkele kara barat moshkele?: This is one of those lines you say when a hot person passes by
-Beh Tokhmam: A rude version for guys to say "I dont care"
DIVERT KON BE TOKHMET ! : You say this when you want to calm a guy friend down when they are pissed
-Khodemoonima, khoob chizi shodia: This means, youre looking GOOOOD :D
-BABA INKARE: You sarcastically say this when someone is bragging
-Khodeto chos nakon: Dont give me attitude
-Kashti maro inja?: You say this when your friend comes late to a meeting or a gathering
-Poozeto zadam: I owned you or I beat you
-To khoobi: You sarcastically say this when someone is being critical for stupid reasons
- Heh heh heh hendoone: You say this when someone thinks they said something funny which is not funny at all.
-Service kardi: You say this when someone is annoying you.
-Engar az koone fil oftade: You say this about a person who is a really big snob and gives attitude all the time.
-Behesh Migam: A response when someone proposes something outrageous.
-Khamoosh shodi? : why are you quite?
-Khodeto Chos nakon: Don't make an ass out of yourself
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Re: Dari language amusements

Postby marie-angelique » Thu Jul 16, 2009 3:47 am

thanks for that

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Re: Dari language amusements

Postby ktrout » Thu Jul 16, 2009 5:22 am

friendlyskies wrote:-Too faza: High as a kite

How about "He's higher than Jesus right now"?
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Re: Dari language amusements

Postby thewalrus » Thu Jul 16, 2009 7:38 am

Seems none of the previous cut and pastes have covered "Faisha" which translates as prostitute... Or since kos = cunt, calling somebody a kossy means someone who uses their cunt a lot, with connotations of using it for payment.
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Re: Dari language amusements

Postby thewalrus » Thu Jul 16, 2009 7:50 am

Some clarification...

friendlyskies wrote:Persian Slang Dictionary

-Ananas: A gay person
(ananas = banana, a perfectly polite word to use at the grocery store... )

-Bang: Drugs
(Bhang is the same as in the Urdu / Punjabi / Hindi use of the word, best translates as ganja, reefer, bud, cheeba, etc... not drugs)

-Boshkeh: A fat person
(a more polite word for anything that is cute and round is "clool")

-Chaghal: Gay
(Kos = cunt, kossy = uses cunt a lot. Koon = ass, kooney = uses ass a lot, meaning gay man)

-Goosfand: A person who have curly hair
(Goosfan = sheep, goosfand = like a sheep)
Sheep meat cooked or raw is gusht-e-goosfan, with modifiers for what form it's taking...

-Kalan: Police officers
(Kalan in a non slang way just means large, anything that is large is kalan, synonym for bozorg)...

-Nakh dar behesht: A thong
(Some dari words, but I think not Persian words, are wonderfully archaic british words... Panties are knickers in Kabul Dari)

-Panir: Drugs
(Paneer just means cheese. Probably referring to white colored drugs)

-Pashmak: A hairy person
(Pashm by itself means hair, not impolite)

-Sag mast: Really drunk
(Better translated as drunk as a dog. sag = dog, to be "mast" is to be full of energy and enjoying oneself... children running around on a playground jumping and playing are described as "mast".) Not sure how combination of mast and sag mean drunk!

-Shah K*s: An extremely hot girl; a super duff
(literally ruler or boss of pussy)

Left out of the above "dost-e nadarem!" = I don't love you, or "I'm not your friend".

Oh yeah, tokhum can be slang for the balls, same usage as huevos in spanish. Not sure yet how to best translate maricon as it means more than just faggot.
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