The singlemost hilarious legal document of the year

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The singlemost hilarious legal document of the year

Postby thewalrus » Mon Sep 23, 2013 10:12 am

Freemen vs. Canada: ... qb571.html

here's a randomly selected piece of it:

[189] Edmonton is home to Sean Henry (typically styled “:Chief : Nanya-Shaabu: El: of the At-sik-hata Nation of Yamassee Moors”, or less commonly, “Sean Henry Bey”), one of Canada’s very few Moorish Law OPCA litigants. He has frequently appeared in this Court.

190] The exotic nature of the Moorish Law movement and its claims warrant some comment, as casual exposure to a Moorish Law litigant may lead an observer to suspect mental impairment or disorder. The Moorish Law community is a predominately American offshoot of urban American black muslim churches such as a Nation of Islam. They claim that black muslims who self-identify as “Moors” are not subject to state or court authority because they are governed by separate law, or are the original inhabitants of North and South America.

[191] In the case of Henry, he claims that the At-sik-hata Nation owns North America (now renamed “Atlan, Amexem, Turtle Island, Land of Frogs”) as a result of his treaty with the Olmec people, an early culture that existed in meso-America from 1500-400 B.C. and who are noted for their large sculptures of human heads. Justice Sanderman of our court, who had reviewed the documentary foundation of Henry’s many claims observed: would be an affront to the dignity of this Court and an affront to the dignity of any Court to allow a document such as this to stand and to force individuals to come to court to have to answer this, as I say, just absolute gibberish.
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