Poll: What's going to go down in Venezuela?

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What do you think will happen in Venezuela?

I agree. They'll hold special elections, and since the moderate left thinks Maduro is incompetent, Capriles will win.
Ditto, but I think Capriles will do a fantastic job and be reelected.
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Ditto, but Capriles will have get all 1980s retro and have US-backed death squads, Mossad everywhere, Uribe-style human rights violations to stop the violence, privatizing the oil, selling off the country and basically putting everyone under martial law, forever, since Chavez changed the constitution so you can be president for life now. Payback's a bitch!
Lopez is hot. Some horny housewife will spring him out of prison and he'll win the special elections. Venezuelans are a people who value good looks.
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Elections? There's going to be a coup d'etat, led by the CIA/Five Eyes/Big Oil/Illuminati to get this clown out of there by the third quarter.
Maduro will serve out the rest of his term, with the help of Hugo Chavez' ghost and probably Putin, who will unfortunately be shirtless instead of Lopez.
Other (please comment.)
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Re: Poll: What's going to go down in Venezuela?

Postby Sri Lanky » Mon Mar 31, 2014 5:42 pm

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Re: Poll: What's going to go down in Venezuela?

Postby Bouncer » Tue Jul 11, 2017 12:30 pm

Bouncer wrote:Lopez turned himself in to become Jesus.

Consider, he's not now responsible for anything bad that happens because of the demonstrations, and he'll more acceptable to the opposition AND the current powers that be as a "compromise candidate". Which is exactly where he wants to end up.

After that, it's all cocaine and hookers and oil wells a'gushin! But yeah, Lopez knew exactly what he was doing and has a very specific goal in doing so.


Boop-oop-de-doop... took a bit longer than I imagined, buuuuuut.... I think this signals the beginning of the end for Maduro.

Venezuela's Leopoldo Lopez released from prison to house arrest...
http://edition.cnn.com/2017/07/08/ameri ... index.html

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