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Postby SW RANGER » Thu Jul 11, 2019 7:11 pm

Question for all.....Would the USA benefit Militarily from a US Foreign Legion ???

One of the Reasons the French formed the Famed FRENCH FOREIGN LEGION was to do it's dirty work in it's Colonial Holdings during the 1800's and 1900's without expending the lives of it's own Soldiers during those Bloody Conflicts in Mexico, Africa, Asia and all those other God Forsaken areas....

Plus they attracted a ready made body of men seeking adventure, an opportunity to prove their manhood, and escape whatever problems they had in the past like being wanted by the Police, Angry Wives/Girlfriends, Debt Collectors, Broken Marriages/Relationships and God Knows what else

A US Foreign Legion would follow the French Model staffed by American Officers and manned by Israeli's/Brits/Canadians/Germans/Aussie's/Kiwi's/Ghurkas bringing with them their unique Military Skills NCO's can be drawn from the various branches of the US MILITARY to help give it backbone and maintain discipline

And after 10 years of service said American Legionnaires would be granted US Citizenship and some tidy benefits along with a pension

Plus if we have another Flareup in a Third World shitehole like Afghanistan/Iraq/Somalia we can send these expendable bods there and instead of the Average American whining about the loss of life the attitude would be "Well that's what they signed up for !"

And with all these Able Bodied Men trying to cross our Southern Borders illegally recruiters for a US FOREIGN LEGION could fill the ranks quite Nicely with promises of Decent Food, Medicine, Uniforms, and $$$$ for service

So would you be open to the idea of a US FOREIGN LEGION ???? Yes or No ?

BTW did you know Spain has a Foreign Legion as well ? I wonder why RYP Never wrote about that ?
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Postby TxPrivateDet » Wed Jul 17, 2019 8:25 pm

I like the idea and have often thought of it, but it would have to be very well thought out
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