This guy seems to be a bit old for an Incel

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This guy seems to be a bit old for an Incel

Postby Kurt » Mon Jul 20, 2020 8:46 pm ... alas-home/

His site used to have a Jokes section. ... clnk&gl=us

Uses the term "Obamaites"

"Case against Obamite Bigots

In a corollary proceeding against the N.Y.C. Commission on Human Rights, or HR, middle-aged Euro-American guys fair no better before government agencies that are suppose to protect human rights. Even though all our ancestors originated in Africa and none of us have control over the passage of time, PC ideology deems those whose ancestors spent more time in a temperate climate than a tropical climate and any middle-aged guy chasing a pretty young skirt as nonhuman and lacking in rights"

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