That Boat Parade was pretty funny.

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That Boat Parade was pretty funny.

Postby Kurt » Mon Sep 07, 2020 9:41 pm

Glad no one died.

Apparently one person is in the ICU.

But man, the waves were not from wind. The waves were wakes from dipshits. Apparently the first responders requested that Boat Paraders slow down while emergency crews were working but newp. They kept on going.

I guess safety for others + social distancing is forbidden when doing a Trump display.

I did laugh quite hard through.
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Re: That Boat Parade was pretty funny.

Postby Alphabet » Tue Sep 08, 2020 12:16 am

We had an attempt at the world record down here on Saturday. Starting point was about 10 NM away from my AO.

My folks live on an inlet/bayou/whatever you want to call it, and a little further down...the really rich people live. Parents are getting up there in age, so my duty as the only son (and secretly because I'm positioning myself for their condo once they go to the old fogies home, heh.) is to be boatman and dock boy every weekend. Ehh...I owe the old fuckers for not killing me in my sleep when I was younger, and as mentioned...positioning for that sweet waterfront condo. They like to put put around on the weekends, but dad is getting up there in age.

Anyway...Got my mom and the old goat into the boat, back out of the slip...Low and behold.....Fucking cigarette boats and 50 ft yachts coming out of the really rich peoples enclave, Trump flags a flowing. Step dad who is a die hard Fox News guy says, "put her back in the slip. No way."

"But dad, I spent the last 30 minutes prepping...."

"I said put it back in the slip. My arthritis."

Herded the cats back into their condo. Last thing I heard as I left...."'Goddamn Trump people fucked my cruise up." As he was watching Fox News and complaining about Biden.

I spent the rest of the day catching some nice fucking air on my sea doo thanks to all the big wakes.

#White Lives Matter.
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