A contemporary view of Antifa

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Postby Alphabet » Mon Nov 16, 2020 2:50 am

el3so wrote:Other than that one time they got actual Russian military involved, when did 4chan ever accomplish anything outside of the internet? ;-)
FWIW never even visited it myself, cultural osmosis only.

But I remember MSM throwing a sh!tfit over that Kekistan flag, the gamer chick thing, thinking it was kids trolling or some computer jester like stuff. Round here, little people taking the piss out of whomever above them is funny. Like that squatting in Area 51 thing, it was funny but make-belief but still funny for the part that wasn't make-belief. Some dudes on a keyboard. The lulz.

A semi-private way to voice and share opinions, feelings, fears and dreams. Imagine that. If it all fails, whole www thing was worth it IMO solely on account of all the porno and the torrents.

Bro...You are so out of it. The O.K. hand signal that has been literally cannon in the West for like decades, is now a Neo Nazi gang-sign.

Was also a kinda stupid, "oh, you're looking at my dick" teenage boy thing until the Left made it the new calling card of the 4th Reich,
#White Lives Matter.
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