so i orderd some of my guns in GA

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Re: so i orderd some of my guns in GA

Postby ktrout » Wed Nov 10, 2010 11:13 pm

Chimborazo wrote:
JamesInTheWorld wrote:For a .22 the Ruger .22 is a great choice


Agreed. I really want a 10/22.

I saw a MkIII at a pretty low price ($300) yesterday at a local gun shop. Tempting...
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Re: so i orderd some of my guns in GA

Postby Woodsman » Thu Nov 11, 2010 4:23 pm

I used to have a MKII stainess target bull with the 6 7/8" bbl. Those a are a good gun if you can remember how to take them apart with all that upside down flip and pull stuff.

I also had a sig trailside (piece of garbage).

The best .22 I ever had was the Llama model XV (wished I never traded it away).

Browning buckmark micro was capable of the best precision though. With just a few mods, it could shoot ragged holes at 25y. Quarter sized 10 shot groups at 50y with CCI standard velocity rounds.

Browning buckmarks are one of the best bangs for the bucks out there. S&W also offer some good ones. Model 41 is one of the best field grade pistols if you have the $$$.

As for rifles, Annies (Anschutz) are hard to beat. Also $$$

Marlin papoose with a collapsible stock is one of the most practical .22 rifles there ever was. They will fit in a book bag dissembled, can be put together quickly and shoot really good. With a better trigger, they would be capable of outstanding precision - good luck smoothing that one out (trigger group bearing surfaces are tiny).

.22 is my favorite round...

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