Air Force Talon SS Airgun

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Air Force Talon SS Airgun

Postby Hitoru » Mon Aug 19, 2013 11:30 pm

One of my new "toys" . You know how on old movies guns with "silencers" - really suppressors make that phfft sound ?
Well, this airgun sounds like that. It's the tits for shooting rats, at 50 meters .177 pellets go right through the buggers .
It's way quieter than my crossbows and wayyyyy more accurate.

The main drawback to these precharged airguns is pre charging the air tank. You can buy a high volume hand pump, but it is nearly impossible to pump pass 300 psi in the heat - with goal of charging up to 3000 psi !
So you have to use a scuba adapter and vist a shop to get filled, or buy another device called a shoe box compressor that boosts your garage compressor for another $400- $1000 . Not a cheap outlay , I have about the same invested in this air gun(with a $650 scope) as I do in my new Bushmaster AR 15 with a EO Tech 512. But this is an adult airgun that will shoot the head off a pigeon at 80+ feet. And I can shoot way more often, pretty much anywhere .

I got a blue one
Internal baffles.
What are you? Some short sighted trigger puller? - RR3 .
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