Optics for an AR-50 -Suggestions?

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Optics for an AR-50 -Suggestions?

Postby Sweet_M16 » Mon Dec 06, 2004 5:36 pm

Hello Black Flaggers. I need to find a scope for an Armalite AR-50. Thought I'd see what info I could elicit here. Let me know, Thanks!
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Postby yorick » Tue Dec 28, 2004 6:26 pm

On a cannon like that I'd be asking more about the scope mount if it was me.

Even with my Mauser M48A equipped with choice German optics, the aluminum alloy B-Square scope mount rattles loose and threads have stripped from repeated tightenings.

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Best there is so im told...

Postby Romeo247 » Wed Dec 29, 2004 3:57 am

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