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Postby Romeo247 » Fri Mar 18, 2005 10:16 am

Today I went and purchased the Garmin model 2620 street pilot to replace my old unit.. Im am also a serious compulisive shopper...

The unit features a touch screen... The entire USA maps and canada i believe it may have the euopean ones loaded into it to.

It comes with a remote so entering various things is easier.. The Touch Screen allows names to be entered as fast as a computer keyboard unlike the old one with the mouse selector that really dragged serious ass.. It has alot of features from the older street pilots that are now fully automated, unforuntately to many to name now. Im not sure if the old one had the feature that this one does, but this one will take all your various waypoints arrange them so that travel on a given day will be the fastest possible and the easist most economical solution...

The Fact that it does not have a hard drive, or any such memory cards makes it EXTREMELY portable from one family member to the next..

You can now also download different spoken languages (a ton) instead of english if your more comfortable with such....

Overall if your looking for one of these this is worth EVERY cent...

I will probably go back and get the warrenty for the extra years to be safe that the screen doesnt go bad from the cold and my immpatent ways.....

Ciao Always,

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