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Postby cafeman87 » Tue Sep 20, 2016 8:00 pm

We just got back from Nicaragua and feel we need to write this to warn those who may travel to that country. We have traveled to most of Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Guatemala to name a few but our experience with Nicaraguans made us very wary on how they treat those who are non whites. We found it outrageous and we think it is only fair that you are warned before you go there. We personally saw a black family sit in a restaurant and get bypassed by the owner who then went on to take orders from whites (this was specially disgusting as we saw the father there with 3 young teens and they were not served at all and they finally just got up and left). The father was very dignified and took it well but we were definitely disgusted by this open public humiliation of those who are yet young and who had to undergo this negative experience in a country where they believed perhaps they would be treated with respect. As a result I have decided to post this on forums so that we can share our experience. (I have had online bullying because of this by a user on other sites who has followed me around and who most likely has a tour/business interest and does not want this type of s to get out). We also observed security at the airport only checking non whites/giving them the complete run down and going over their personal belongings one by one -the lame excuse is "random" but there is nothing random about it. We observed them pulling people who were non white and checking them thoroughly (Managua). There are other wonderful countries to visit so please make your decision wisely.
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