River Walk Trinidad

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River Walk Trinidad

Postby Darcy » Sat Oct 21, 2017 11:35 am

In keeping with RYP's post in June.....Ask something, plan, go somewhere, do something, tell folks about it and learn.

I tried hiking the Marianne River, Blanchisseuse, Trinidad and Tobago. DO NOT DO IT DURING RAINY SEASON! My buddy had done it a decade prior but didn't realize it could be so dangerous in the wet season....go figure. The drill is to drive two vehicles to the mouth of the river, drop one off, then park somewhere up the river, around 20 km by road, then get wet. It was SUPPOSED to be a river WALK but we ended up swimming most of it, wearing heavy gear and no floatation, getting dragged by strong current across sharp rocks and fallen trees at chest level under the water. I got hung up and held a few times by the current, and was scared quite a few times. We were committed before things started to get hairy. At one point the rapids were unmanageable so we tried traversing the canyon walls, about 60 feet up in slippery slopes vine to vine. I was scared again. I struggled to keep my head above water quite a few times. Pretty bruised and cut up but we had fun.


Video! http://www.darcyhooverphotos.ca/Trinidad-River-Walk-Rainy-Season/i-CB5dBBL/A
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Re: River Walk Trinidad

Postby ROB » Sat Oct 21, 2017 12:14 pm

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