Offered a job in South Africa-Advice?

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Offered a job in South Africa-Advice?

Postby UncleSam » Wed Dec 05, 2018 4:06 am

Hi all,

New poster here.

I am a US-UK dual citizen in my 20's, and I have just finished grad school. The other day I was offered a job with a startup organization in South Africa that would have me often traveling around the continent as a part of my work. The position would pay around $40,000 per year with benefits and accommodation in Johannesburg where the job is based as a part of the contract.

I was wondering if I should seriously consider the position or not given the pay/risk? I ask as I've lived in the US in for most of life and I am worried about the culture shock/differing work environment. Since I'd be working with African individuals/organizations how much of a shock would I be in for as a westerner?

Also just how bad is the crime problem in Johannesburg? I'd be living in Sandton which from what I've read is one the wealthiest suburbs of the city. Given that crime is high in the city is there nightlife on the weekend etc?

Thank you in advance for your thoughts/advice!
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