give me free stuff!

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give me free stuff!

Postby soulohio » Sun Dec 10, 2006 2:56 am

it would be good if RYP could cut down the s&h on smaller purchases like a a couple of patches and stickers...i know the answer is just buy more items and make the s&h more palatable, but the question is that i only wanted to get a few things for christmas and i would think you don't want to discourage people from making a small purchase....perhaps you could "bundle" some patches and stickers for a special price and have them made up so the slave chineese workers don't have to work that last mad hour for bonus while facing a stiff punishment for not making the midnight package run from Bejing to Los Angeles...the lash of the man for corporate profits and all that rubbish....
where are you going? why don't you walk the wheel with us? what is the matter my american friend? what has upset you?
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