Colombia: Uribe is found out again

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Colombia: Uribe is found out again

Postby Penta » Mon Nov 16, 2009 10:22 pm

Uribe's attempt to change the constitution (again) so he can run for a THIRD term has hit a glitch. I like this version of the story best:

Oh noes! President Alvaro Uribe has "hit a roadblock" on the way to rewriting his constitution again to run for a third term in office (that's Colombian for "Dictator-For-Life").

As it turns out, Mr. Popularity ended up spending "six times the legal limit" bribing prospective voters to put their Juan Hancock on the petitions, and now the evil elections council went and invalidated many millions of signatures! Can you believe this very terrible predicament Colombia finds itself in?

But wait...there may just be a way out, stay with me here: if Uribe can just manage to disappear eight to ten million Colombians by the end of the year, the remaining valid petitions may still be enough to get him on the ballot! Sure this will be a time consuming and potentially annoying project, but if the Colombian people demand it, who is Alvaro Uribe to stand in their way? Where others see only legally binding prohibitions, Alvaro Uribe smells the rotting carcass of opportunity. ... e_eve.html
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