Iraq: Ex-head MI5's devastating evidence to Chilcot

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Iraq: Ex-head MI5's devastating evidence to Chilcot

Postby Penta » Tue Jul 20, 2010 8:15 pm

It may be worth drawing attention to this in case people have missed it, as it comes in the middle of all the hoohah of the big meeting in Afghanistan and the WAPO report on intelligence agencies in the US.

She has confirmed that the invasion of Iraq undoubtedly and very significantly increased terrorism threats in the UK, making us less rather than more safe on our streets as Blair and co always claimed; that Saddam was containable; that there was no intelligence that he wanted to use chemical or biological terrorism attacks; that he would only use them against western targets if his regime was threatened; that overthrowing him wouldn't reduce the risk of terrorists getting hold of WMD; that the "intelligence" used in the famous dossier was unreliable and MI5 refused to contribute to it for that reason; that "arguably" the war gave bin Laden the Iraqi jihad he wanted.

Basically, she flatly contradicted what we were told about the justifications for the war by Blair, Bush et al, said there was no credible intelligence to support their claims, and asserted in very strong terms that it had been a major cause of terrorism in Britain and had boosted al Qaeda in the region, as well as damaging the fight against al Qaeda in Afghanistan.

The video and transcript are here (Eliza Manningham-Buller): ... 00720.aspx ... quiry-iraq ... th/3717537

She's pretty much blown the whole shebang out of the water.
Shes never interfered with me. I have no complaints about her.
Same here.
Mega ditto.
I met her once and I found her to be a nice lady. Not kookey in any way.
Penta has always been gracious, kind and very sane in all my interactions with her.
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