The Man Who REALLY Inspired RYP !

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The Man Who REALLY Inspired RYP !

Postby SW RANGER » Wed Aug 21, 2019 5:35 pm

COMMANDER MC BRAGG ! Thought you may know or have heard of this chap. Right, anyways he is quite the story the story teller himself

The deep, gravelly voice of Commander McBragg was provided by veteran voice talent Kenny Delmar, best known for his stammering non-stop talking as "Senator Claghorn" (of which Foghorn Leghorn, the Looney Tunes character, is a parody) on The Fred Allen Show.

The character of McBragg is based on English actor C. Aubrey Smith – from the 1939 motion pictures The Four Feathers ("War was war then") and Another Thin Man – who often played roles in films similar to the exploits related by McBragg. The stories, more often than not, were taken from or were imitations of the Baron Munchausen stories of Rudolf Erich Raspe. The Englishness of the commander, the reluctance of his audience to listen to his far-fetched stories, and the commander's insistence on telling them, suggest the influence of P.G. Wodehouse's "Oldest Member" golf stories as well. Other influences include the early animated character Colonel Heeza Liar,[1] [He's a Liar] the subject of a number of animated shorts created by John R. Bray and directed by Walter Lantz, who was later known for the Woody Woodpecker franchise.

Another influence may have been Captain Geoffrey Spicer-Simson DSO, RN, a career Royal Navy officer noted for telling of his improbable exploits whose career as a surveyor took him to China, Borneo and Africa. Spicer-Simson's greatest claim to fame was winning the Battle of Lake Tanganyika during World War I with two armed motor launches named Mimi and Toutou.
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