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Re: Kenya

Postby cochiseintheeast » Fri Apr 20, 2012 11:11 pm

Fuck! Kiberra? Ports of mombassa? Please stab my eyes out. Nothing there to see. I ve walked Kiberra a hundred times, and theres nothing to see. Its just a big fucking slum. Period. I mean if you have never seen a slum before then go for it. And Mombassa sucks. I d rather be in Masawa any day of the week, but whatever. If you are going to do all that bull shit at least make your way to Kisumu. Stay at the hotel on the lake, on the 5th floor at least, and watch the sun set. That some cool shit. Then go to swan plaza and have chicken tikka, but get a table next to the golden buddha cause the muslims at the tikka will not let you drink, but they will serve you at the buddha...

Ohh and if you dont do 10 laps around Nairobi via mats you are a pussy.
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