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Rapa Nui/Easter Island

Postby DawnC71 » Tue Nov 16, 2004 5:49 pm

I know it is not a DP at all, but noone ever says anything about Rapa Ni (a.k.a. Easter Island) and so I thought I would offer to those who might one day be interested in traveling to the most remote inhabited island in eart.
first the seasons are reversed...so if you go in July then dress WARm...because it gets damn cold,....the best hotle i stayed out while there was tthe Hotel Gomero...very nice accomodations and inexpensive. Iwas traveling with my anthropolhgy group so I thinkwe got a fair deal and it was only apromamately 25USD per night. As far as transoprtation, about all the transoprt is by mini bus or taxi...there wererental cars but being with a group of 10 students we mostly chartered any transportation we took, so I am not sure how much it would cost to hire a car...check with Europcar as I think they are about the only car rental agency around...they were when I was there back in 2000.

The other transportation is cheap aout 20 USD to travel half way around the island and that includes everyone.....unlike Hawaii they dont charge for each passenger.

Check out the Moai and see if you can figureout how the hell they raised those monstrosities. They are something to see though. My Anthropology course ended up trying to coordinate the locations of the varios Maois we could find and used BPS coordinaates in our research (that is a little tidbit of informaiton on what I spent most of my time there doing)
Otherwise the party atmosphere there is wuite quite a great way to spend the evenings. There was one bar rigth ojn the edge of twon and the night I spent there things got pretty wild. Marijuana is openly grown as well for those of you who would partake in such indulgences.

Also, it definitely helps to know your spanish when you get there (most of the islanders have beeen under the influence of the Chilean govt so there are not too many native speakers lleft around)..You did have to have a Chilean visa when I went but now I think they have there own visa requirements...again that is something one would have to check out for themselves.
It does get cold in the winter but in the summer months (November to February) it is hotter than hades so be sure you take sunscreen and bathing suits so you can take a dip to cool off because it does get might hot.
Anyways, just thought I would offer a bit of suggesxtions. Also if you fly in be prepared to spend one night in Papeete Tahiti, there is only one flight daily to and from Rapa Nui so be prepared to spend a night in tahiti (French is a good language for that).
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