Postmodern warfare vs. modern warfare

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Postmodern warfare vs. modern warfare

Postby Sri Lanky » Wed Oct 07, 2009 3:09 pm

An interesting comment from Merrill McPeak,the chief of staff of the Air Force from 1990 to 1994:

"In Afghanistan we're fighting a war that is in some of it's essentials "postmodern". Like postmodernism itself,the concept has a variety of meanings and may not represent a coherent set of ideas. But one thing is clear: the postmodern enemy has nothing to lose,perhaps even no life worth living. The modern warfare objective of fatally weakening an opponent by destroying assets important to his success is replaced in postmodern warfare by a more complicated,unquantifiable task of defeating him.

In time,democracies tire of war,so the most important thing the postmodern enemy counts on is time."

This in my opinion is certainly demonstrating that in our time,money pumped into education and health around the trouble spots of the world is a much more lucrative investment than pumping money strictly into narrow-minded military adventures. Of course a certain degree of security is required otherwise there would be no point in investing at all. A more integrated approach is needed if only the political will was there. The time has come.
Sri Lanky

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