April 19-20: Masons-Moon-Mars.

Exploration of Conspiracy Theories from Perspective of Esoteric Traditions

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April 19-20: Masons-Moon-Mars.

Postby Royal » Sat May 15, 2010 7:46 am

Masons-moon-Mars: April19-20

1) Freemason ritual dates such as April 20* (Hitler's birthday) or July 20 (ancient Egypt's new year and also the day of Freemason Buzz Aldrin's 'ceremony' on the Moon - mentioned in his autobiography); [returning note: the oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico exploded on 20 April 2010] or
2) precisely when specific stars are at 33 degrees (or 19.5/19.471 degrees - the sine of which is .3333); as well as
the frequency with which the number 33 crops up in products and places named/occupied by NASA or corporations linked to NASA.
(Apparently 33 means complete, or finished.)

Conspiracy theory? You choose - you can be either a conspiracy theorist or a coincidence theorist. Just which one is the bigger fool?
Many historical events fall on April 19th and April 20th, and many of these precede the birth of Adolf Hitler.

In 1012 on April 19th, the predecessor to the Archbishop of Canterbury, Alfege, the Anglo-Saxon Bishop of Winchester, was killed by Viking raiders in Greenwich, London.

In 1529 on April 19th the leaders of independent German cities rejected the reinstatement of the Edict of Worms, which made Martin Luther an outlaw. The Protestant Reformation became an official movement.

In 1587 on April 19th the English privateer Francis Drake, as second-in-command of the English fleet, sunk the Spanish fleet in Cadiz harbor.

In 1653 on April 20th Oliver Cromwell dissolved the English parliament after Charles I, King of England, Scotland, and Ireland had been beheaded in 1649.

In 1657 on April 20th the Jews of New Amsterdam (New York City) were granted the right to practice their religion.

In 1657 on April 20th Admiral Robert Blake, of England's Commonwealth Navy, destroyed a Spanish fleet at Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

In 1689 on April 20th the deposed King James II of England put the city of Derry to siege in an effort to retake the throne.

In 1713 on April 19th Charles VI, Holy Roman Emperor, issued the Pragmatic Sanction of 1713 and the Hapsburg Empire went to his future daughter, Maria Theresa of Austria.

In 1770 on April 19th Marie Antoinette married Louis XVI and Captain James Cook discovered Australia.

In 1775 on April 19th the American Revolution began with the two battles at Lexington and Concord and the British siege of Boston began.

In 1782 on April 19th the United States was recognized by the Dutch Republic as an independent government. John Adams house in the Hague, Netherlands became the first American embassy.

In 1792 on April 20th the French Revolutionary government declared war on Austria.

In 1809 on April 19th at the Battle of Raszyn and at the Battle of Teugen-Hausen in Bavaria, the Austrian army was defeated by the First French Empire Corps.

In 1839 on April 19th Belgium was officially recognized as an independent kingdom in the Treaty of London, which was signed by all the major powers of Europe.

In 1861 on April 20th Robert E. Lee took command of the rebelling army of the Confederate States of America.

In 1902 on April 20th Pierre and Marie Currie refined radium chloride from pitchblende, which is also known as Uraninite, a Uranium rich mineral.

In 1904 on April 19th, the city of Toronto in Ontario Canada was nearly destroyed by fire.

In 1933 on April 19th President Franklin D. Roosevelt announced that the United States economy would abandon the gold standard.

In 1936 on April 19th the Arab leadership of Palestine began the Great Uprising.

In 1942 on April 19th in Poland during World War II, Jews were confined to the Majdan - Tatarski and Lublin ghettos.

In 1943 on April 19th German troops entered the Warsaw Ghetto in Poland and captive Jews trying to escape annihilation began the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

In 1953 on April 19th the United States Central Intelligence Agency began project MKULTRA, where ordinary citizens were kidnapped and programmed to be robot assassins.

In 1961 on April 19th the CIA backed Cuban exile army was defeated after they invaded Cuba.

In 1972 on April 20th Apollo 16 landed on the moon.

In 1978 on April 20th Korean Air Flight 902 was shot down by the Soviet Air Force.

In 1985 on April 20th United States agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms raided a neo-nazis compound in Elijah, Arkansas. Over ten years later, there was speculation that the group they raided may later have been connected to the April 19th 1995 Oklahoma City bombing that killed one hundred and sixty eight people.

In 1989 on April 19th the gun turret aboard the United States battleship the USS Iowa exploded killing forty-seven sailors.

In 1991 on April 19th, the fifty-day siege begun by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms on the Branch Davidian Compound in Waco, Texas ended when eight-one people were burned to death.

In 1995 on April 19th the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City was bombed, killing one hundred and sixty eight people.

In 1999 on April 19th the German Bundestag returned to Berlin for the first time since World War II and on April 20th two teenagers killed twelve fellow students and themselves in the Columbine High School massacre.

In 2005 on April 19th German born Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was elected Pope Benedict XVI.

In 2007 on April 20th at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas a man with a handgun killed a hostage and then himself.

April 20th also has another recent and strange esoteric link: US President Obama visited the Central Intelligence Agency on April 20, 2009 and essentially pardoned CIA employees and assured them that they will not be prosecuted for kidnapping and torturing people.
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Re: April 19-20: Masons-Moon-Mars.

Postby coldharvest » Sat May 15, 2010 9:44 am

Well thank God someone's trying to take over the world, I'd hate to think we were just running and screaming into the future with our hands waving madly in the air.
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Re: April 19-20: Masons-Moon-Mars.

Postby Royal » Sat May 15, 2010 5:15 pm

coldharvest wrote: I'd hate to think we were just running and screaming into the future with our hands waving madly in the air.

All in good time.
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Re: April 19-20: Masons-Moon-Mars.

Postby Caliban » Mon May 17, 2010 9:42 am

4th 5th March

363 – Roman Emperor Julian moves from Antioch with an army of 90,000 to attack the Sassanid Empire, in a campaign which would bring about his own death.

1238 – The Battle of the Sit River is fought in the northern part of the present-day Yaroslavl Oblast of Russia between the Mongol Hordes of Batu Khan and the Russians under Yuri II of Vladimir-Suzdal during the Mongol invasion of Russia.

1461 – Wars of the Roses in England: Lancastrian King Henry VI is deposed by his Yorkist cousin, who then becomes King Edward IV.

1493 – Explorer Christopher Columbus arrives back in Lisbon, Portugal, aboard his ship Niña from his voyage to what is now The Bahamas and other islands in the Caribbean.

1496 – King Henry VII of England issues letters patent to John Cabot and his sons, authorising them to explore unknown lands.

1665 – English King Charles II declares war on the Netherlands marking the start of the Second Anglo-Dutch War.

1770 – Boston Massacre: Five Americans, including a black man named Crispus Attucks, and a boy, are killed by British troops in an event that would contribute to the outbreak of the American Revolutionary War five years later.

1776 – The American War of Independence: The Americans capture Dorchester Heights dominating the port of Boston, Massachusetts.

1793 – French troops conquer Geertruidenberg, Netherlands.

1804 – Castle Hill Rebellion: Irish convicts rebel against British colonial authority in the Colony of New South Wales.

1813 – Russian troops fighting the army of Napoleon reach Berlin in Germany and the French garrison evacuates the city without a fight.

1814 – Americans defeat the British at the Battle of Longwoods between London, Ontario and Thamesville, near present-day Wardsville, Ontario.

1824 – First Burmese War: The British officially declare war on Burma.

1836 – Samuel Colt makes the first production-model revolver, the .34-caliber.
1860 – Parma, Tuscany, Modena and Romagna vote in referendums to join the Kingdom of Sardinia.
1861 – First national flag of the Confederate States of America (the "Stars and Bars") is adopted.
1868 – A court of impeachment is organized in the United States Senate to hear charges against President Andrew Johnson.
1904 – Russo-Japanese War: Russian troops in Korea retreat toward Manchuria followed by 100,000 Japanese troops.
1912 – Italian forces are the first to use airships for military purposes, employing them for reconnaissance behind Turkish lines.
1940 – Members of Soviet politburo sign an order for the execution of 25,700 Polish intelligentsia, including 14,700 Polish POWs, known also as the Katyn massacre.
1941 – World War II: The United Kingdom launches Operation Claymore on the Lofoten Islands.
1943 – World War II: The Battle of the Bismarck Sea in the South West Pacific comes to an end.
1944 – World War II: After the success of Big Week, the USAAF begins a daylight bombing campaign of Berlin.
1945 – Lapland War: Finland declares war on Nazi Germany.
1946 – Winston Churchill uses the phrase "Iron Curtain" in his speech at Westminster College, Missouri.
1965 – March Intifada: A Leftist uprising erupts in Bahrain against British colonial presence.
1970 – The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty goes into effect after ratification by 43 nations.
1970 – French submarine Eurydice explodes.
1973 – Donald DeFreeze, the future Symbionese Liberation Army leader, escapes from Vacaville Prison.
1974 – Yom Kippur War: Israeli forces withdraw from the west bank of the Suez Canal.
2003 – In Haifa, 17 Israeli civilians are killed by a Hamas suicide bomb in the Haifa bus 37 massacre.
2001 – 4 March 2001 BBC bombing: a massive car bomb explodes in front of the BBC Television Centre in London, seriously injuring 1 person. The attack was attributed to the Real IRA.
2002 – Afghanistan: Seven American Special Operations Forces soldiers are killed as they attempt to infiltrate the Shahi Kot Valley on a low-flying helicopter reconnaissance mission.
Also the Birthdays of
1871 – Rosa Luxemburg, Socialist revolutionary (d. 1919)
1971 – Evil Jared Hasselhoff, American musician (Bloodhound Gang)
And most pertinent
1951 – Kenny Dalglish, Scottish footballer and manager

The most telling thing is that the date 4th/5th March has no Masonic significance at all.
Coincidence ? It would be a strange world if we DIDN’T have massive coincidences every day
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