The Flower

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The Flower

Postby Sri Lanky » Wed Feb 02, 2011 9:19 pm

I was going to title this Flower Power but this is not required because the power of the flower can speak for itself.

I've met many women in my time. In the bars especially. Some have loved me and I have even loved a few. But I am just a student.

There are some that you don't forget. One of these particular few had a powerful effect on me. We first met in a bar in a more downtrodden area of our city....the ones I like. We were talking and somewhere along the line she mentioned that she painted a picture of a vagina in the shape of a flower. I asked why? She looked at me with a little bit of disdain but had patience with me. She said,"because that's how a vagina should be treated,like a flower."

Not having to go into detail I realized that she had probably been so many of the poverty-stricken. Yet she carried a strength that I hadn't seen in many.

A number of years later we were on a call for a crazy woman who wouldn't get off a sidewalk. It was in front of a business and they would not tolerate such madness. As soon as we arrived I recognized her...the flower herself. She had found a kind of spiritual meridian in the Earth and it happened to be in front of a store on a sidewalk. It didn't matter to her. Her reality was much deeper than that.

She didn't recognize me for she was in a zone and would not move. The thing is I knew what she was doing. She wasn't the crazy one. We were. But trying explaining this to "conventional motherfuckers".

A few years later again we found ourselves in the same place. At an addictions group. She looked a flower. This time she was staring at me. She remembered but no words were spoken. It wasn't necessary.

I think that when we go through hell it propels us to a different place. Then we find out that this different place is actually a deeper reality. A beautiful reality.

It's like a flower unfolding.
Sri Lanky

Re: The Flower

Postby Ultra Swain » Thu Feb 03, 2011 9:45 am

You will be amazed before you are halfway through.
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