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Re: Food for Thought for the Atheist

Postby Royal » Sat Apr 14, 2012 4:56 pm

nowonmai wrote:
friendlyskies wrote:
nowonmai wrote:Image

The problem with alcoholism humor is that it's only funny when you're drunk.

It's not alcoholism humour, don't you know your memes? It's the Middle Class MILF and I operated largely within the rules (below). Anyway, you're a lefty and as such have no recognisable sense of humour.
The Middle Class Milf is the mother who appears to be an upstanding member of the community, but really she is dirty to the core and just loves to put out and take some.

The first comment usually eludes to a posh activity from a middle class mom. The second comment is then the porno prestige.

That's absolutely beautiful.........
Image We have no effective screening methods to make sure pilots are sane.— Dr. Herbert Haynes, FAA.
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