Exorcism anyone?

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Re: Exorcism anyone?

Postby Sri Lanky » Fri Jan 11, 2013 2:59 am

Spent the better part of last year engaged with a dead person's soul at a friend's apartment. This person was brutally murdered and on one particular night (I deliberately slept over there...alone...in order to make contact) this person (we don't really die) showed me where he died in the room. How he was shot against a wall and where he fell and "died". He tried to speak to me,"a-a-a-a---a-a-a-a--a-a-a-a-a-a--a-a",was the sound. I'm good at hearing energy from other dimensions, not that great at seeing. It's not really a spirit but the part of a person that resides in other dimensions. I wish I would have documented this whole process as it was very intense and a great learning experience. I'm in the process of integrating this inside myself and maybe I will write further about it but out of respect and love for this person a part of me feels that I shouldn't...this person was brutally murdered and lived a very dark existence on your present plane of existance. I had help, thank god, and it came at the exact right moment.

We are wormholes that operate as conduits between dimensions. Some people are like that already...but we all have the capability.
Sri Lanky

Re: Exorcism anyone?

Postby Sri Lanky » Fri Jan 11, 2013 3:30 am

I should correct myself here. "Present plane of existence" (from above) ; ). Well, it used to be that. Between 12/12/12 and somewhere around 12/12/23 a transformation has taken place putting humanity and the planet in a lighter vibration and lower density plane.

This might be why things are going kookoo in parts of the world...the school shootings,etc....people feel something but don't know what the fuck is going on.

Heart-based feminine energies are now available to all but there is still resistence and is probably the reason why the word "cunt" has become so prominent of late.
Sri Lanky

Re: Exorcism anyone?

Postby Sri Lanky » Mon Jan 21, 2013 7:59 pm

Spent a night at a house that had three "ghosts" in it 2 days ago. Met a Saulteaux lady ( Saulteaux is the ancient version of Cree and Ojibway...they do not use black magic like the Cree or the Dakota do as they tend to be less warlike ) at my favourite bar back home and went back to her place. There was a reason. I heard the patter of a little girl running down the hall. Apparently there is the spirit of a mother,a father,and a small child there....according to this woman. But they aren't really spirits. They are beings of an adjacent dimension. I am hearing them more often now. No,I am not schizophrenic..I'm just like you. Anyways,she is a seer and she sees these entities. I hear them but rarely see them. Maybe because I get too freaked out when I do and they know I'm not ready.

It's true that people who come from cultures that are more open to these things will naturally have more of these types of experiences...you have to be open and have good intentions with it. That's all it takes because matter arises out of consciousness...not the other way around like our one ( or maybe two ) dimensional sciences think. Matter is just consciousness...everything is.
Sri Lanky

Re: Exorcism anyone?

Postby Sri Lanky » Tue Jan 22, 2013 8:49 pm

Forgot to mention that I had mentioned to this Saulteaux woman about that dark entity myself and another person were working with just before Xmas. I gave the address to her and she knew about it. That this person who was brutally murdered was the brother of Helen Betty Osborne. Wow.


The friend I brought over to assist me saw the entity almost instantly...after I went into the kitchen it shot out towards him in the livingroom in the form of a black ball. Come to think of it I had seen a black form in one of the top corners of the livingroom and then move along where the ceiling and wall meet. Like I said I hear them but normally don't see them. One time when I was in that space between sleep and wakefulness it pulled me out of my body and placed my astral body against the wall where he got stabbed and shot and said,"I'm not dead,I'm not dead".

So,it obviously wanted someone to help it be at peace.

Anyways,on another occasion it tried to screw itself into my belly. I've had entities try to enter my body before but not like this.

So anyways,we did everything we could to try to get this entity to be at peace (I thought we had) but it is still lost and causing discomfort to the person that lives in that place.
Sri Lanky

Re: Exorcism anyone?

Postby nowonmai » Thu Jan 24, 2013 1:56 am

Brutally murdered? As opposed to murdered politely with due deference to the comfort and well being of the victim?

If there is some great multi-dimensional world then why the fuck would a ghost hang around a shitty house in Manitoba? I'd be off circling the universe with this ringing in my ears.

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Re: Exorcism anyone?

Postby Sri Lanky » Thu Jan 24, 2013 6:22 pm

That's basically what we were trying to help this entity do.

; )

I just got back from doing energy work with someone ( he just told me he is working of late with a voodoo priest )....and ironically enough this is part of the reason why I want to go to Togo and Benin.

Anyways,he said there's something else we can do to get this entity to go get rehab. It's all in the intention.
Sri Lanky


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