A Tale of Two Ladies

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A Tale of Two Ladies

Postby Sri Lanky » Sat Jan 19, 2013 11:26 pm

I like to sit back and wait and see who will approach me. On the street,at the bar,wherever. It was two this time around. The first in Bangkok. I was sitting on the street at about 2 am when a woman sat beside me. One of the first things she said was that her father was a monk and that she would like to become one. I didn't even know there were female monks but apparently there is. I spent three days with her. We hit different temples and I watched her go through her daily Buddhist rituals. One was at a Bodhisattva shrine. There was a real connect between us and perhaps she knew that she was already a monk...without having to go through the rigorous Buddhist process. Life can do that for you.

In Hong kong another story. I was sitting at a bar when a young woman entered and I knew something was going to happen. I could feel it and the night before I had heard two hard knocks.... this usually lets me know to pay attention beforehand. i was waiting for a look and after I got one I gave her an uninterested one. Regardless,she had to sit with me. I asked her why she had to sit with me and she said,"I don't know"...and then she said,"I am male and you are female...I mean,I am female and you are male". Aha. Well,then no kundalini activation for you...because you do not know. The lady mentioned above had already gone through that (she was much older)...which makes things much more pleasant. Anyways,she projected her anger at me when I rejected her advances...she threw a glass bottle on the sidewalk (SMASH!!!) and even slapped me in the face. The Chinese people in our vicinity apologised for her rude behaviour as I laughed at the whole crazy show. She had this crazy personal power,however. As she walked down the street people enveloped themselves around her. She had this crazy beauty about her...and a lot of anger. Eventually the police got involved. Oh well.

Yes,life itself is the process. One who had gone through it already and the budding bodhisattva who was just at the beginning of going to hell and back. I wish her well.
Sri Lanky

Re: A Tale of Two Ladies

Postby coldharvest » Sun Jan 20, 2013 8:26 am

....does anyone else get an LSD-like contact high when reading 'lanky's posts?
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Re: A Tale of Two Ladies

Postby nowonmai » Sun Jan 20, 2013 11:47 pm

coldharvest wrote:....does anyone else get an LSD-like contact high when reading 'lanky's posts?

Yes. But it is such a load of hairy old cobblers. Why, once in a bar in (insert sex tourist city) this whacked out bird just came up to me, it must have been due to some personal connection following the bloke dropping his luggage in the room upstairs which made a bumping noise, then when I spun her out for an hour while she indulged my rambling schtick she finally realized I wasn't a punter then she went fucking mental, I can't think why. It must be a sign.

And who has an itinerary that can be diverted for 3 days following some random mentalist round fucking temples? How much holiday do firemen get? (Don't answer that, firemen the world over are lazy cunts who get waaaaaay too much time off for putting out a fire every 3 weeks between wanks).
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Re: A Tale of Two Ladies

Postby Sri Lanky » Mon Jan 21, 2013 2:56 am

I just figured I'd give Skies something to gag on.
Sri Lanky

Re: A Tale of Two Ladies

Postby Sri Lanky » Mon Jan 21, 2013 7:49 pm

The thing is,this actually did happen. I should have called it The Truth of Two Ladies...but then I liked the play on A Tale of Two Cities. I suppose cities can be like ladies. They are living breathing entities...are they not?
Sri Lanky

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