sorry sri lanky! and thanks for all the fish

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sorry sri lanky! and thanks for all the fish

Postby Fansy » Sat Aug 24, 2013 10:14 am

for makin your/our place here a bit crazy a few weeks ago. i originally only intended to link bfc thesis citations to ET DNA percentages and see what fun could come of that. well it seems that a shitton of fun and noise can come from that.

i never got to meet you, but you were one of the reasons i stuck around here as long as i did. and there are lots of guys/gals in that group. including a bunch who have argued for/against my points in the latest drama, as well as other ppl that have come and gone in the last 9 or so years i been around.

it wasn't till i started meeting ppl in this forum that i gave a damn about it. an afternoon with redfax in slc, a blackout drunk night with thomas in almaty, 3-4 weeks with rr3 in kabul (rip brother), evening + dinner with denise in midwest, tranny bingo with friendly in atlanta, day and night of debauchery with el3so in HAMsterdam, and 5 or so days staying with CH and fam in uk. thanks for the good irl times, all of you. i always made an effort, even when snorting tide in hamsterdam, to conduct myself as well as i could with flaggers, as drunk as i was or wasn't. and i imagine that's at least half of the reason i had nothin but good face-to-face interactions with ppl on this board. another reason is prolly that i happened to meet ppl that weren't part of the bfc fuck-your-neighbor-and-then-again-in-the ass train.

tbh the thesis doesn't matter that fuckin much, not enough to leave a forum over necessarily. vlindsay the wicked witch it fuckin dead, after all. the forum itself doesn't even have to fuckin matter that much, and nowonmai is proof of concept that a person can enjoy being in this world but not of it. but that changed for me at some point, i acquired expectations of this place, of the people in it, and of RYP with regard to the ppl here. in fact it's fair to say i came to respect some of the ppl here, even many i hadnt met, and i figured even with my trolling or theirs or what not, that this mutual respect was also going on between other board members, that it undergirded a lot of the irl and digital interactions between flaggers, and also that ryp and kurt and whoever else bought into it. but i was naive lol. these ppl have been playin fast and loose with each other for awhile.

at this same time i got real shit goin on irl, as has been goin on for the last 2+ years of my life. me and my wife are headed to the US for the first time together hopefully next month (our interview in london us embassy next week woot). and with all this shit goin on, if this board isn't anything but enjoyment at this point, if it's takin my time and energy instead of givin back, then i'm doin it wrong lol. i cant say i shoulda stayed completely anon and separate from all forumgoers...i woulda missed meeting and gettin inspired by some good ppl, but that method surely has its wisdom. after seeing all the silly to vile shit some flaggots have done to each other on the reg (and even in these last few weeks) there are some fuckin nutters that come around here. and now that i got ppl that depend on me being around and being responsible with my time and contacts, i just can't take all this kinda shit as lightly as i once could.

anyways in the Dr. V thread ryp invited me to email him, so i'm gonna go spend some time to drop him a line that he might grok. like maybe he can comprehend emails better than the forum, or maybe he gives a shit about the concerns of forumgoers in this situation but has some disability where he can't express it in writing or in public. as i've made an effort to remain sincere throughout the dr. v thread, i'ma do the same with regard to his offer of parlay. but either way that ship has sailed as far as his responses make a difference for what i do.

but whatev, i was never here because of him in the first place. and now even with all his horseshit, he's not the sole reason i'm stepping away either. so thanks bros and bro-ettes for all the fun shit, whether i got to meet you or not. still up for meeting several of you of course. i'll be around via facebook, bfc pm, and i fully intend to attend next year's yorick day in the TFHC...and of course with more precise information regarding the event and its remembrance. its been a fun 9 years. i've changed a lot, learned a lot, and this forum and the ppl in it at times were a big part of that. maybe at some point in the future, so it will be once again...but i doubt it. so, peace.
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Re: sorry sri lanky! and thanks for all the fish

Postby coldharvest » Sat Aug 24, 2013 10:21 am

5 or so days staying with CH and fam in uk. thanks for the good irl times, all of you

It was my absolute pleasure
come visit me at cold cabin compound if you ever get the chance
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Postby el3so » Thu Aug 29, 2013 2:16 pm

It was fun while it lasted. Take care.
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Re: sorry sri lanky! and thanks for all the fish

Postby nowonmai » Thu Aug 29, 2013 11:39 pm

Pelton and his monkeys will be relieved
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