Nothing that happened actually happened

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Nothing that happened actually happened

Postby Kurt » Fri Feb 26, 2016 2:43 pm

Or something else happened instead.

Like Katy Perry = JonBenet Ramsay. ... ent-ramsey

A little girl was not murdered 20 years ago and she grew up to be Katy Perry.

Then she traveled back in time and shot JFK.
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Re: Nothing that happened actually happened

Postby SRR » Mon Mar 07, 2016 8:48 am

Totally true, Mr. Kurt.

In fact I's wonderin' why we even argue about the past, hell it's the past so it doesn't really exist anymore does it? Therefore do what you like with it. If it ain't happenin' in front of yer own eyes then how can you be really sure that it actually happened, or actually ever happened?

Case in point, I swear I saw Rocky V about 10 years ago and I'm purty good aboot rememberin' movies but I totally drew a blank with that one. (Yeah, just watched Creed last week so it was on my mind.) I totally remember Rocky taking on Hulk Hogan and Mr. T in installment numero three, and of course the Red Scare Boxing Movie that was number four, but five was like the missing link. Had to Wikipedia up that shit to recall what the hell went on. Human minds are fallible to be sure, memories are fragile; ergo the story we were fed some decades ago could be totaly different than what the hell actually happened back in the day, like that child girl beauty star who plagued the pages of the news for awhile, and as a Canadian I saw it but seriously had no fucking clue who the fuck she was or why the fuck she mattered. Americans rape and murder their kids all the time, is that seriously news down there?

So anyways. On the topic of rewriting history I've also noticed a troubling tactic of presidential candidates scrubbing the internet of their misdoings. If you google "Tronald Dump" you'll get a metric fuckton of hits, rightfully so, even some good art pieces to humm and haw over while you're hitting on the nerdy chick at the gallery. Same with "Sernie Banders", tonnes a good stuff there. Now try googlin' up "Killary Blinton"..... nearly nuthin'. There is, or may appear to be, a concerted effort to remove such mockerage from the general conscience of the conscionable. The message is not only the medium, the message is being erased.

It ain't like the good ol' days where's you could shoot yer mouth off and all that, the internet's got some heavy control to it. In fact I'll expect a few men in black suits at my hotel room door tomorrow, mayhaps to collect luggage but mayhaps not. You never know these days. All I can say is, even if you experienced it, can you really confirm it happened? No one believes in truth anymore, it's all bullshit anyways unless it makes a good story. Hey, there's bicycle racing in London on the telee- gotta go.
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