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Postby gnaruki » Thu Jun 09, 2016 7:59 pm

Looks like it happened at this hostel that has great reviews like:

* BED BUGS!!!!! The first room I was given - was absolutely trashed. Food and trash everywhere. So I asked for a new room - the second room I was given ... I went to move the mattress to the top bunk and when I turned it over there were HUGE BED BUGS ALL OVER IT. And I filmed the mattress as evidence. I immediately asked for my money back and I have yet to get my $50 back. The guy took my card and acted like it was being refunded - and my bank shows NO refunds have been made. This experience was so bad - after a long flight and high hopes of a great experience in Anchorage ... all I could do was cry. This place should be shut down.

* When i stayed here it was ran by an international pedophile into selling young children. It was a big story when it broke out. There was meth and meth dealers running the place up at all hours. Homeless hotbed with agro tweakers. Bad, bad people. Just bad all around.

** place was full of drug addicts, drunks, and homeless weirdos. The place was kind of dirty and it had bedbugs too. When I came in wearing a button up shirt somebody thought I was an undercover cop and asked if I would mind if they smoked meth. Free ramen and coffee.
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