and the wall..comes crumblin....crumblincrumblin

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and the wall..comes crumblin....crumblincrumblin

Postby mach1 » Wed Nov 17, 2004 8:36 am

“People seem to think there is a level of anonymity to e-mail and the Internet. And that it's a lawless area,” said winning lawyer Berkley Sells. “And clearly it is not, nor should it be.”

Can you read Mr Williams?

What do you mean can I read?

Its' a clear enough question, I mean: are you able to read?

Of course I can!

Well, it's not an interrogative question. For all I, or anybody else in this courtroom knows for all intensive persons you may be illiterate. Or dyslexic. Are you dyslexic?


So how often do you "read" email?

About five times a day.

Oh-h, that often. Do you use email communications for work and as part of your job?

Yes. Yes, I do.

So. So, you do use email. (PAUSE) Do you know how email works?

What do you mean?

Well I mean people drive cars all the time. They know how to drive, they know how to start a car put it into drive , use the gas pedal and obey the rules of the road. But do all people know how a car works? What makes it run and why it breaks down? (PAUSE) So my question is do you fundamentally understand how a text message is able to be "sent" over
a network of wires to arrive at another persons computer?

Well, actually the message is stored in a server and not a persons actual computer.

Oh so you do know how it works then. Have you always known how email works over the Internet?


So you had to learn then. Learn as you go.

Well I guess so , basically yes-...yes, I would agree with that.

I mean I pick up the telephone all the time and I still don't understand how a receiver is able to pick up the sound of my voice and carry it through a set of wires and have the person on the other end hear what I am saying, let alone try and figure out how those same wires can be used for sending electronically created text messages. (PAUSE) So did you go to school to learn what you know? Attend a class perhaps?

No no no... I just learned a bit here and there. Asked questions, read a few books , some magazine articles. But I am far from being an expert.

No. Nor do you claim to be one.

Yes. I mean , no. No, that's what I said. You're right, I mean I'm right, we both are, we both know I don't claim to be an expert.

Are you a reasonably intelligent person? I mean if we put college degrees aside and university degrees out of the field of view for a minute, would you say you are a reasonably smart person?

Yes ...certainly, sure...why not? Yes I am a reasonably smart person.

So if I phoned you up out of the blue...say I phoned the department where you work as you are listed in the public directory and slandered somebody. Say I called you up and said : "Joe Hazbeen is an idiot and a liar and should be fired" ...what would you do?

(SCOFFS) Well, I suppose I would forgive the inconvenience to my day and try to do what I was doing before I was interrupted.

So you wouldn't take it seriously?

Seriously? No. Why should I? Some stranger calls me up out of the blue slandering a person I have never heard of? I have plenty of other things to do with my time and dealing with a trifle of a prank phone call if thats what you are trying to determine.

You would be able to tell wouldn't you?


I mean tell, or determine by listening to the callers voice and intonation whether or not it was something real to be dealt with or whether it was anything like an April Fools Day prank.

Yes, I suppose so.

So would you follow up?

Like you said, it would depend.

On what?

On whether the person sounded serious or not.

So would you say, its easier to make such assertations over the phone
than reading an email?

Yes, to a certain extent, yes, yes I would agree with that.

So why then should an email be taken seriously, whereas as a phone call of the same nature and variety, and using the same delivery modicum as an emailed message I might add, is dismissed out of mind entirely?

I don't know. Perhaps in a way it is more permanent?

Like how?

The message can be saved. Never erased.

Oh but yes it can be deleted.


My point being is that from a pure psychological point of view people have fundamentally different reactions from the same message being relayed over different mediums. Some people are not even comfortable with either email or the Internet. They prefer to use the phone and regular mail. Thats good enough for them. Is there something wrong with these people? No. Is there something wrong with us because WE prefer email?No. No, we don't think so. But the same message given via voice will take on a different meaning than if it were typed up on a keyboard and send over the Internet. But since we consider it a GIVEN that we are all reasonably smart and intelligent individuals..some of us even educated...why is it then that we are able to pay so much more attention to a ridiculous message board posting or an email that would other wise be considered a prank call if it were delivered with ones voice? Perhaps it means the internet is making all of us a little bit ridiculous. And that as a rule of thumb, in the long run, its wiser to monitor the internet itself and the way it affects us. Not let it rule our lives and lead us down a path into a non-virtual environment and get carried away into different arenas where without it certain problems would not exist. The Internet in its optimum capablity should be used as a problem solver not a problem creator. I think the moment it creates more problems than it solves it has already outlived its usefullness. And its up to each and every one of us to decide what it is we want to contribute. By the way Mr Williams are you an office joe boy?

What? No, I don't think so. Is that a bad term?

No, not really. It's an old form of slang. It means are you the errand boy where you work.

Oh. Oh, well, yes, that I am.

Well I certainly hope if I phoned 30 people and told them you were an office joe boy instead of an errand boy I hope they wouldn't take me seriously. Or the wrong way. ... ory/Front/



Personally I think the man has a right
to say what he wants to anyone he likes
regarding anybody who may be eventually
responsible for examining the bones of his
dead ancestors. Whether he says it over
the phone, uses Canada Post or email or
shouts it from street corners is besides the
point that what he says is : in effect in
regards to the sacredness of his heritage...
something to which there is nothing that is
held more dear by all civilizations...whether
we call them advanced or not is entirely
not relavant.....and his opinion and personal
feelings should not be used by the very
people who prop up their livelihoods by the
very existence of him and his very own
people, the people whom they are able to
study and make good livings doing so to
score some sort of points, negative or
positive, with superiors or make gains,
again negative or positive, in the
professional world where reputations
are at stake and images of professionalism
are created and sometimes treated at
face value as an actual currency. Without
him and the surviving of his people, we
can best be rest assured with no quarrel
or argument from anybody, that the range
of other suitable ventures and opportunities
even for an archaeologist could choose from
without the very existence of this people
would be limitless. Even law perhaps. I think
if I were in law, I would argue that the person
would have to prove actual damage to reputation
that resulted in loss of work, status,privelege,
income etc. What do you THINK? Soon maybe
the expressing of opinions via the privacy of email
may be banned. I wish there were a less stringent
example to be paraded through the courts rather than setting
this native man to be an example to uh, er, us all.
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Postby lowcrawl » Wed Nov 17, 2004 10:36 am

Thank you mach for waisting 10 minutes of my life. Damn you man......damn you!
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Postby Texas Carnie Roadshow » Wed Nov 17, 2004 10:50 pm

For some reason, it read like a scene out of Pulp Fiction, and I constantly pictured Samuel L. Jackson asking the office joe boy all these questions.
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