Hunter S. Thompson Was Probably Murdered, but you knew that

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Hunter S. Thompson Was Probably Murdered, but you knew that

Postby SRR » Sat Jul 13, 2019 8:13 am

Generally the fuckery of the world would point to such a thing but we've all got our asses stuffed up our phones these days so no one cares. At least it looks nice.

And on another note, has anyone else noticed how relatively stable and perpetuating the world has become over the past decade and a half? Like, it seems all just a dream... a Tangerine one maybe, those god damn hippies are somehow still around. Therefore and whatsoforth, which is not even a word but fuck it I just made it up and will stand beside it like a bad refugee relocation program, does anything really exist at this point? Did civilization indeed actually exceed the year 2000 or is it merely an incident of our perception that we're somehow here 19 years later? There's no guarantee, it could all be magic, just mysterious bullshit people throw at us to think that it's all the same as it ever was. Well hey - records get stuck and go on repeat all the time, at least until 1965. I would not doubt in any capacity that civilization could to the same a mere half century later.
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