Another 9-11 Warning from German Intelligence?

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Another 9-11 Warning from German Intelligence?

Postby Captain_Solo » Tue Dec 28, 2004 2:49 am

Another 9-11 Warning from German Intelligence?

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

If you want to enjoy a peaceful and carefree Christmas, don't read this.

Information predicting an act of nuclear terrorism in Houston on December 27 is circulating on the Internet. The source purports to be a former member of German Foreign Intelligence. He claims the CIA and FBI are again ignoring precise warnings from his organization, as they did before 9-11. He says Paul Wolfowitz, the Mossad and CIA are again behind the attack.

The information was culled from an extended exchange Dec. 14-19 between an unknown "German Guy" and members of the Forum of "Godlike Productions," which caters to "conspiracy theories and the lunatic fringe." Many members ridiculed him but he was not deterred. He says he chose this forum because he regularly surfs conspiracy sites and found a lively discussion there: "I thought it would be interesting for me to post some of my information here too."

This may be a hoax, a form of psychological terrorism. I hope and pray it is. It could even be propaganda designed to create panic and undermine US morale. I certainly don't want to be part of that.

I have posted similar predictions that have turned out to be untrue. For example, the "White House Insider" from went way out on a limb saying there would be an attack on Iran before the US election. Of course this didn't happen.

Nevertheless this source sounds extremely credible. He seems to have an impressive knowledge of Intelligence practice and a wide command of names and detail down to Paul Wolfowitz's private phone calls. (See "Final Message" below.) His description of the global power structure is consistent with my conclusions and worthy of study in itself. His revelations seem like the courageous act of a man who can see calamity ahead and now is appealing directly to the American people.

In his final message Dec. 19, 12.20 pm, (posted below) he said: "the world came closer to nuclear destruction this year than at any time since 1962, and the level of danger remains so high that a single ill-advised word is all that it would take to bring everything we know and love to a sudden end."

He also says the response to these revelations is "having a dramatic effect in places where tough decisions will have to be made by those who respect and enforce just and equitable law."

On the other hand, "German guy" could be a clever but sick impostor with an agenda we can only guess. Ultimately, you will make up your own mind.

If there is even a remote chance that he is legitimate, publicity might help avert a human catastrophe with tragic long-term conseqences for mankind.


We may be on the cusp of catastrophic events and even World War. The Illuminati wishes to destroy the US as a superpower and fold it into the New World Order. George Bush and the Neo Cons are traitors who have sent the US army into a meat grinder.

Before the war began, Iran and Iraq likely made an alliance. They knew the Neo Cons ultimate goal is to invade Iran and control the world's oil supply. They prepared this guerrilla war long in advance and it is probably well coordinated and financed from Tehran. (See Jerusalem Post: "Iran Prepared to Light Many Fires to Defeat Americans")

The only way the Neo Cons can rescue the situation is to provoke a nuclear war against Iran. It is plausible that the same ruthless force behind Sept. 11 is prepared to act again. They need an excuse to proclaim martial law and initiate the draft.

The following are excerpts from the "German Guy's" postings.

He begins:

"Anyone else able to pick up CIA and other US government "chatter"? I can, and I have.

December 27 is the day that's freaking out the minions at the alphabet agencies (but not the controllers at the good ol' al-CIAda network).

It sounds as if it'll make 911 look like rather a fun day.
How do I know? ?.

I'm a former employee for the German foreign intelligence service, the Bundesnachrichtendienst.

Paul Wolfowitz will authorize the detonation of a nuclear payload in the Houston area on December 27, 2004. The Hidden Hand network (Mossad/al-Qaeda/SAS) of which he is the nominal controller has verified in advance every aspect of operational integrity - a failsafe job with zero chance of discovery.

Houston has been primed for months via deliberate mismanagement, incompetence, corruption and embezzlement at its FEMA-independent Emergency Center. The police and fire services have been deliberately and systematically sabotaged and thrown into administrative chaos so as to ensure maximum fatalities in the aftermath of the detonation. However, the existence of the centre will provide the Bush administration with a "we did everything we could" excuse.

We believe the Hidden Hand envisages the following scenario:

1. Detonation on Dec 27 (could be delayed, but all our intercepts point to this date)

2. The State Department blames "al-Qaeda", whose leaders are allegedly hiding in Iran

3. Iran (truthfully) denies giving refuge to said leaders.

4. Bush issues Iran with a cowboy-style deadline for delivery of alleged leaders.

5. Iran fails to comply because it cannot.

6. UN convenes in emergency session - no agreement Watch Ariel Sharon quietly flee to his private estate in Greece. (Even Ariel Sharon has purchased for himself property in Greece and many member of the Israeli establishment are making preparations to relocate to South America, most likely Patagonia where huge tracts of land have already been purchased by the Israeli government with funds supplied by the United States. Indeed, we estimate that around 20 percent of the defence budget allocated for Iraq has mysteriously disappeared into this account.)

7. Other foreign intelligence agencies dispute the State Department version.

8. Happily for Wolfowitz, Osama bin Laden releases a videotape claiming responsibility, warning America not to attack his "brave warriors" in Iran.

9. American fighters launch a "decapitation" attack on the Iranian government and alleged "al-Qaeda" bases

We know that the Wolfowitz network has concealed a remote-controlled nuclear payload in the Houston area. None of our intercepts give us exact coordinates. We have also heard the same code system used in regard to Atlanta and Dallas, although not with the same frequency. "


1."I can also tell you that the US military expect to lose the war against the resistance movements in Iraq?President Bush is deliberately destroying your military."

2. "I also know that the Americans are "hoping" proactively for a "terrorist" attack in Europe (especially Germany) to get European sentiment behind the Bush policy.

However, it won't work as many journalists (and the BND) are aware of the CIA and some Mossad people who were behind the bombings in Madrid.

If the CIA goes ahead with this plan, they will be found out and the rage against America will intensify. It would mean the end of diplomatic relations between my country and yours...

Please also note: We have reason to believe that many "terrorist" prisoners in US custody are being subjected to long periods of intense sensory deprivation and methods by which they acquire a new controlled personality. We think they are being programmed for something. "

3. "The British invest heavily in power politics because they have an agenda that cannot be supported by their military. Instead, they use the American military to achieve these goals.

In fact, if the truth was known, many Americans would be horrified to learn that the American military serves the interests of the British and Israelis first and American interests last.

Tony Blair is not really a prime minister in the democratic sense. He is a rubber-stamped (by the people) Crown front-man who is really the prime minister of the City of London, which is the centre of the Anglo-Saxon financial and political empire."

"Germany?s foreign minister (and my last political boss) Joschka Fischer, saw off US pressure to commit German troops to Iraq by privately telling Rumsfeld that sanctions against Germany would result in his publishing these findings [about 9-11 foreknowledge] in the media and telling the world about it. It worked, and the Bush administration backed off."

4. "Yes, the cities that are mentioned most as sites for nuclear detonation are Houston, Dallas and Atlanta. In Europe, we have computed multiple references to Frankfurt, Paris, Munich and Berlin (Frankfurt is at the top of the CIA/Mossad "hit list").

A lot of this chatter can be accessed by intercepting the Echelon system, the raw information output of which is processed by the NSA in America and the Royal Signals in Britain (as a side point, the Echelon system is no longer reliable or efficient because it doesn't use intelligent algorithms).

What I rely on is good old-fashioned telephony interception, but on a software platform that unencrypts communications between the various US military installations and CIA stations dotted around Europe. Also, the best intelligence you have is another long-forgotten system called "human contact"! Yes, taking briefings from the intelligence community direct (on an informal off-duty basis, of course)."

5. " To 9-11. I personally (and many within the German intelligence services) believe that 9-11 was an internal operation planned and executed by an extreme pro-Israel faction within the American government and intelligence services. The technicalities evident in both planning, timing and precision flying point to the use of technologies not available to so-called terrorist groups.

We believe that the relationship between the so-called al-Qaeda group (really the Muslim Brotherhood which is financed by the British) and the Israeli intelligence services is very complicated, but there is an alliance of convenience. We ran a personality profile on some of the alleged hijackers, analysed handwriting and applied linguistic methodologies, and thus believe that Atta was a Mossad asset.

There is also an enabling aspect on the part of the Pakistani intelligence services, which is a clone of the CIA. Yesterday Musharraf told your media that he had done everything possible to destroy the Taliban enclave in the border areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan. This is a lie. Neither the Americans nor the Pakistanis have any intention of breaking the Afghan rebel forces, as they will need them to become more extreme and regain the co?at a future date.

I think it would be very interesting to see Osama bin Laden and Mr Wolfowitz in a room together privately, for I am sure they would kiss each other on the cheeks as brothers under the skin with roughly the same general project, though sharply divergent goals."

6. "If there is a continuing move to a world order of concentrated power, then this would rely first on the destruction of the American people and the American system of government. This is already happening in the United States and the biggest culprits are to be found in the American government itself.

It seems that a grouping of international corporate entities and financial institutions have decided that America at this late stage is only good for projecting military force, and so it will use up American resources to advance its own agenda until there is not much left of American power and credibility.

At the geopolitical level there are only two main beneficiaries: Israel and the City of London (Israel will then be destroyed by the C of L and international corporate power groups). At the financial-imperial level, the major corporations and institutions involved in the bleeding away of American military power have little to lose, since all of them have sufficient assets outside of US territories and would survive the collapse of the United States as a global power.

So if this is what you mean by a world order, then you are correct. It will not be a global system of control connived by nation states, but rather by corporate and financial entities (who already enjoy enormous power and influence at all levels in all countries)."

7."Wolfowitz is also running a Mossad agent in the Houston area called Avner Meir, whose present status is unknown, but we believe he is currently holding a visitor's visa. His job is to facilitate the smuggling of Muslims (any Muslims will do) across the Mexican border and provide them with accomodation and distress funds under the asuspices of a fake charitable organisation. We suspect that Meir, also a master forger, will provide the unwitting Muslims with forged US passports and driving licences, plenty of Muslim literature, commendations and enough money to be "seen and remembered".

This was the basis of my discussions with American diplomatic personnel in Frankfurt yesterday, both of whom have been locked in secret discussions with the German government over, among many other things, their application for political refugee status in the event of making this known to the media.

The far side of the CIA and Mossad have been ordered to drop any plans they may have had for bombing the financial district of Frankfurt, including the European Central Bank. The Wolfowitz Network has decided that the Houston detonation must take priority over everything else.

All of our intercepts, field information and disclosures from former (and not so former!) US diplomatic personnel, tell us that the American people are being set up for another, but even more devastating, 9-11 tragedy in which a tiny group of people will gain enormously at the expense of the rest of the world."

8. "Please allow me to clarify something important. When the Bundesnachrichtendienst seeks to warn other nations about possible covert activity, it is standard procedure to transmit this information only to its opposite number. In the United States this is the CIA, which is then mandated to relay that intelligence to the government. The BND performed this function twice in 2001 prior to the 9-11 attacks, warning very explicitly with detailed information about exactly (and I mean "exactly") what the Wolfowitz network was doing. Twice, the BND was ignored.

Although we are former BND operatives and analysts (plus my technical partner), who also work internationally in conjunction with "The Library", we would still be expected to follow standard procedure. However, we no longer trust the CIA establishment as an impartial mediator of critical information. Nor do we have much faith in the Bush executive, from within which the Wolfowitz network of the Hidden Hand was spawned.

We therefore made an unprecedented decision to communicate these findings directly to the FBI. To date, we have seen no indication that any action has been taken, which is disheartening to say the least, if only because we may very well see history repeating itself."

9. "The sad truth is that almost every major state-based intelligence organisation is heavily compromised in the performance of its duties. As a Canadian operative ("John Doe") himself testified earlier in this discussion, even the BND is subject to arbitrary, politically inspired stand-down orders when it comes to breaking up Mossad subversion of sovereign nations. We know that American public service agencies (and to a lesser degree the British intelligence community) have been infiltrated top to bottom with Mossad and Hidden Hand assets and sympathisers, and that the American media deliberately fails to report this type of subversion.

Why is that? We know that newspaper and media owners themselves are already wealthy and well-disposed toward the Hidden Hand. Well, you need to ask yourselves about the vast sums of cash siphoned off from defence procurement contracts in various budgets that are not properly audited by your Congress, such that said sums of money are given the designation "slush and hush" funds, managed by unaccountable financiers in the City of London. Editors and journalists often enjoy a lifestyle far in excess of their normal salary - just for turning a blind eye."

10. "More recently we have been monitoring intensively the situation in Iran and American preparations for an assault on that nation?s installations.

Without betraying any aspect of Iran?s readiness in this matter, I can only advise the Penatagon against any incursions in that sphere. The immediate consequences for Israel would be dramatic, to say the least, and the US navy would be seriously injured."

"Now I hear that Mr Wolfowitz is talking to Jewish mystics to try to divine the right decison to make on Iran, this time through the arts of Kabbala. I know very little about this kind of religious practise but I do know that you should not allow such things to influence the foreign policy of the world?s major nation."


There you have it. It doesn't make for pleasant reading. But we mustn't be caught napping just because it is the season to be jolly. In the remote chance that this is not a hoax, the Internet may be responsible for saving many lives.

Merry Christmas!

(See Reader Response-Scroll Down)

"German Guy's" Final Message 12.20 PM DEC 19 including Tough questions about US Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz

"This is my last message to you. If anyone posts anything on this forum or elsewhere under the mantle "German guy", please be advised that it does not come from me or any of my colleagues. As stated before, the moderators of this site are quite welcome to verify our IP address location and check the ISP registry to be confirmed in the knowledge that our ISP does not under any circumstances release any of their IPs to proxy servers.

Things are happening, and they are happening very quickly. Many of you wouldn?t know it by reading your newspapers and watching the television news, but the world came closer to nuclear destruction this year than at any time since 1962, and the level of danger remains so high that a single ill-advised word is all that it would take to bring everything we know and love to a sudden end.

This is not a message anyone wants to hear, particularly at this time of year, but I am not here to play party games and send out fancy little presents that look good and taste delicious. You are perhaps of no mind to hear the "fear-mongers" or the "prophets of doom" because, after all, you have a choice and it?s easier to pick up the only remote-control with which they trust you and switch over to a different version of reality that has all the assurances of a superficial soap opera with a predictably cosy storyline.

I have also had a chance to review some of the messages submitted by certain others in this forum, and my wife has examined some of the fallout elsewhere on the internet, most of which is positive and having a dramatic effect in places where tough decisions will have to be made by those who respect and enforce just and equitable law.

There are many who still just don?t "get it" because the facts I have presented do not sing the same song as their own deeply ingrained belief systems. They say we represent a sophisticated disinformation campaign or have a partisan geopolitical [agenda]. Yet everything I have said correlates exactly with the truth, if only you will look.

Many of you are aware of forces at work in your societies that are now way beyond the democratic controls you and even your own governments once enjoyed. You know these entities by different names and ascribe to them fantastical powers that are so omnipotent you feel exhausted, defeated, resigned and paralyzed with an overriding sense of helplessness.

Though you who come to such sites as this (and who have turned your backs on the corporate and government-controlled media) already have a head start on your fellows who believe everything handed down to them from above, you still entertain notions that have been deliberately planted in your minds so that by night, and in your dreams, the reds are at war with the blues, evil is good and good is evil and one God is stronger than another God because he told you so in your own language and you have neither the time nor the curiosity to interpret ancient scripture with the wisdom with which you are all endowed, if only you would use it and stop listening to lies.

As I have stated before, there are at the moment only a few significant power centres that are worthy of your urgent attention: the Wolfowitz Network, the Hidden Hand, the City of London and a powerful elite of anti-Jewish fanatics who only pretend to be Jews and are protected twenty-four hours around the clock by an elite within Mossad and a vast army of other "Israeli" front groups.

Sometimes they do indeed compete within and among themselves for the highest rewards and honours, and such internal competition can also take on a ruthless and non-fraternal face. However, they are generally united in terms of the world they envisage for you and me - and believe me when I tell you that you do not want to go there.

You are not powerless. You can bring their games to an end overnight without one shot being fired. How do I know this? After many long years of service for the Bundesnachrichtendienst - a record of employment that took me around the world and placed me on several occasions deep within the belly of the beast - I can honestly tell you that these people are yet still vulnerable and are prone to costly, self-damaging mistakes.

In the questions to the FBI below (and further text with English spelling corrections), which I urgently re-post in the hope that Wolfowitz is publicly forced to answer every single charge before it is too late, I have outlined just a few examples of the way in which these people expose themselves to investigation and prosecution.

Yes, it helps when you have the right tools with which to intercept communications, but you can often get the same results by remaining aware, attentive and absolutely focused - and then driving home the kill with dedicated persistence.

There are some reading these words who know exactly what needs to be done, and yet discouragement is still the friend of those who care too much for their careers and personal comforts. You are perhaps a Librarian and know what it?s like to read in the dark: remember the assurances and our pledge of assistance. If you are not, but have already received our communications, then you will know that we shall stand by you in your hour of need.

How many more people must die in America and the Middle East? Fifty thousand? Half a million? Six million? The choice is yours.

Seize the day

It is CET and my work here is at an end.

[Tough Questions about Paul Wolfowitz]

Why has the FBI failed to investigate the role played by Mr Wolfowitz in illegally helping Kamran Akhtar (a.k.a. Kamran Shaikh) with cover and technical support immediately after the CIA-backed Mara Salvatruchas had brought him safely across the Mexican border and shortly before the arrest of Akhtar by Charlotte City police on July 20?

Why did Mr Wolfowitz ask Avner Meir to provide Kamran Akhtar with video equipment and explicit instructions to film public buildings and vital civilian infrastructure in Houston, Atlanta and Dallas?

Why did Mr Wolfowitz order the assassination of an undercover CIA operative, Kamel Derwish, who had worked so faithfully for him by recruiting and importing Mossad-trained al-Qaeda agents under the codename "Operation Haeremai? Was it because Kamel Derwish was under investigation by dedicated FBI agents and thus exposed Wolfowitz to charges of treason and material conspiracy in planning acts of terrorism against the American people?

Why has Mr Wolfowitz provided Mossad super-spy Rafi Eytan with a free pass into the United States, despite a long-standing prohibition?

Why does Rafi Eytan regularly send Mr Wolfowitz highly irreverent childlike poems written in the Hebrew language and interlaced with Kabbalistic references in alternating 3-7-3 and 12-4-12 sequences? Why does Rafi Eytan periodically phone Mr Wolfowitz at his private residence and speak to him in the voice of a little girl?

Why did Mr Wolfowitz authorise a 120,000 dollar transfer to Frank Riley (also known as Terence Lawley) via the CIA-backed Mara Salvatruchas syndicate on April 14, 2004?

Why did Mr Wolfowitz pressure John Ashcroft to order an FBI closure of the investigation of the murder of nuclear physicist John Mullen, who, as we already know, had been briefed by a network contact man to provide an hypothetical schematic of a remote-controlled nuclear device to be detonated in an "hypothetical" city "the size of Houston"?
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Postby coldharvest » Tue Dec 28, 2004 2:12 pm

Information predicting an act of nuclear terrorism in Houston on December 27

Looks like they were wrong.
I know the law. And I have spent my entire life in its flagrant disregard.
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Postby yorick » Tue Dec 28, 2004 9:58 pm

coldharvest wrote:

Looks like they were wrong.[/quote]

Or the shitstorm has been neutralized - we will never know.

Two-fold theory among black lodge initiates (left handed rosicrucianism here) <;Earth herself shall shuffle the deck - or somekinda "manmade" nukewar will shake our shit?

I'll buy into the former, but not the latter......... a question of masonry:arcs&angles you understand.

Gotta admit, it's been a wild weekend. That semi-pro german guy sells manufactured holocaust on extraneous msg.board. Amateur P/T crazy yorick intercepts and jetisons the same message to the center of the earth at our own lunatic board, The THC, suggesting shifts of tectonic plates in the Mississippi/Ohio River Valley as sum and substance of HomelandinSecurity measures..... and then the largest earthquake in 400 yrs occurs downunder documented here just a few hours later?

Gotta love this family of fo'rmms!! Meanwhile ask yerselves wherein lies guardianship of the realm.

(:= chaos zen is my friend
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Postby Captain_Solo » Tue Dec 28, 2004 10:23 pm

coldharvest wrote:
Information predicting an act of nuclear terrorism in Houston on December 27

Looks like they were wrong.

Or were they? Perhaps this conspiracy was so good we don't even realize they pulled it of, lol!
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