Will Al-quidea attack again?

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Will Al-quidea attack again?

Postby Romeo247 » Thu Jan 27, 2005 6:04 am

Found this from dp gear sub link with painful questions Re:

http://www.erichufschmid.net/UpcomingAl ... tacks.html

Intresting... Thats for sure.....

Will Al-Queda Attack Again?
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There is tremendous pressure for Al-Queda do an even bigger scam. First, consider Israel.

Israel is filling up with Arabs, and the population of the Arab nations is growing. Sharon's giant wall will not fix this problem. During the next few decades the Arabs will outnumber the Jews within Israel, and the Arab nations will have developed a much more advanced military. The Jews will become a few pieces of driftwood in a sea of Arabs.
If nothing is done to change the situation, Israel will be taken over by Arabs, in which case all the work by the Zionists will have been a waste. What are chances that the Zionists will sit idly by while Israel sinks into a sea of Arabs?

Does anybody reading this believe the USA is destroying Iraq simply because of oil, or simply because Saddam wanted to switch to the Euro? If so, why do you think the USA is looking for excuses to destroy Iran, Syria, and North Korea?

Why aren't we doing anything to make the USA a better nation? Why are we so focused on destroying Arab governments and their militaries? Why are we spending so much money, oil, and other resources in an attempt to destroy nations that are so insignificant to us and who are willing to sell us their oil?

Next, consider the USA.


The Americans have such an intense craving to avoid work that the USA is slowly sinking into a sea of Mexicans and other races. Within a decade or two the Mexicans will probably take control of the USA. When the Mexicans take over, will they support Israel? I doubt it, so Israel must get firmly established before the Mexicans take control.

Two Nations On
The Verge Of Destruction

How can a nation be stable when it consists of different races that avoid contact with each other? How can a nation be stable when one race is increasing in population much faster than the other?
Both the USA and Israel are doomed unless they do something drastic to change their situation.

I expect the Zionists to be looking for an excuse to have a large scale war with the Arabs so that Israel can beat them so badly that the Arabs truly give in and let Israel have a big chunk of land. Then I would expect the Zionists to expel the Arabs that are within Israel. The Zionists might also want to increase the Israeli population by creating extreme anti-semitism around the world, thereby chasing Jews to Israel.

The USA is even more hopeless than Israel. Aside from slowly filling up with slaves and servants, the USA has always been a refuge for misfits, criminals, and the mentally ill. The USA has always suffered from extreme corruption in business, universities, and government, as well as a lot of crime.

For just one example, in the 1930s and 1940s Firestone, Standard Oil, and General Motors conspired to destroy electric transit. They created the company called "National City Lines". This company used General Motors buses with Firestone tires, and the buses were fueled by the Standard Oil company. By 1949, when they convicted of conspiracy, they were accused of destroying more than 100 electric trains in 45 cities.

How can a nation take care of itself when it has so many inconsiderate, selfish people? Even if the USA did not have racial problems, it would suffer from extreme corruption and crime.

We need a revolution to fix this nation, or we need to break apart into pieces.

A Common Enemy Can Unite People
Lawsuits are being filed against George Bush, and he cannot ignore them forever. Meanwhile, over in Israel, Ariel Sharon is losing support, and some Israel military people are refusing to follow orders.

The best way to stop people from fighting their government (or each other) is to give them a common and very frightening enemy. The people will temporarily unite to fight to their common enemy.

The September 11th attack gave the American people a common enemy. However, it has been more than two years, and today many Americans have resumed their normal lives. Therefore, the Bush administration might want to bring Osama back to life for another big attack. The Americans would once again forget about their problems to unite in a glorious slaughter of Arabs.

Furthermore, the Bush administration could use the attack to pass laws that would otherwise never be tolerated. Bush could also silence his opposition in the name of national security. After all, why should the President be burdened with silly lawsuits while trying to protect us from Evil?

For the same reasons, Ariel Sharon might want to create anti-Semitism that is so serious that the Israelis stop fighting him. The Mossad might burn a few Holocaust museums in various nations, or bomb a few synagogues, for example. An attack on the USA by Osama would also help unite the Israelis and Americans.

Will Al-Queda Come To The Rescue?
Bush and Sharon need a terrorist attack that is so serious that President Bush can justify a full scale war with the Arabs. A nuclear attack by Al-Queda might do the trick. But is Al-Queda willing to stage such a serious attack against the USA? Or are they too afraid to take the risk?
If Al-Queda takes the risk and wins, Israel could become a large, stable nation, and the USA could become a better nation (depending on who gets control of the USA, of course). If Al-Queda takes the risk and loses, they might quicken the destruction of Israel and the USA. But since both nations are heading towards destruction anyway, why wouldn't Al-Queda take the risk?

After watching the reaction Americans have shown to my book and video, I am ready to guarantee that Al-Queda could easily get away attacking us with nuclear bombs. Sure, thousands of people around the world would be yelling "SCAM!!!!" but most people are ignoring the cries about the 9-11 scam, the Oklahoma City Bombing scam, and all other scams, so why wouldn't the public ignore yet another scam? The majority of people have proven themselves incapable of facing reality for centuries, and there is no reason to believe another scam will trigger their transformation from Sheeple to Humans.

The majority of people admire Hollywood entertainers, Peter Jennings, Bill Clinton, George Bush, and other people who make them feel good, and there is no reason to believe the public will suddenly switch to listening to somebody such as me who has opinions that upset them. Just look at the history of the human race. Most people prefer a fantasy world, and they abhor criticism.

Most people cannot think very well; they refuse to discuss unpleasant issues; and they can be manipulated with incredible ease. This is true every nation. For example, in December 2003, tens of thousands of college students in Berlin, Germany were convinced to run out to the streets to demonstrate over a small increase in tuition. The supposedly intelligent students were easily manipulated into believing that a small rise in tuition was their most serious problem. There were no intelligent discussions about why tuition was rising. Rather, they just ran out into the streets to complain that they had to spend more money on school.

Should We Care About Al-Queda?
My conclusion is that a big attack by Al-Queda is likely, and there is nothing we can do to stop it.
This leads to the question: why should we care about, or try to stop, attacks by Al-Queda? Even if we could stop the attacks, what would improve in our lives? Would the USA become a better place if we stopped an attack? Would the US Government become more honest or more respectable? Would any European nation become better? Would the Arab nations improve in any way?

I don't think it would make any difference if we stopped the next Al-Queda attack. Stopping one Al-Queda attack will not stop other attacks. Nor will it give us a train system that functions as well as those in Europe, nor will it give us attractive cities, nor will it reduce traffic problems, pollution, or corruption.

As I discuss in WhatToDoWithTheUSA, I think the world needs higher standards for voters and government officials, and until that happens, I see a continuation of the chaos and wars. Al-Queda is not our problem; our problem is that the majority of people in every nation are irresponsible voters who continually give the world a bunch of crummy governments. We should put our effort into creating better governments.

Let's Avoid Becoming Victims
Rather than become upset over the thought that these scams go on year after year, we should try to figure out what will happen next so that we can avoid becoming victims.
Furthermore, it is entertaining to figure out what is going on, just as a Hollywood mystery movie can be entertaining. Or perhaps the endless accusations of being a "conspiracy nut" have broken my spirit and I have decided to enjoy the attacks rather than worry about them. (I wonder what my attitude would be if I had gotten a positive reaction from people...)
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Postby Jimbo » Mon Jan 31, 2005 5:43 am

Many movies have sequels, why not AQ...

Which brings to mind a made for TV movie about the first attack on the WTC, I remember at the end of the movie the two guys that got caught are talking to each other and one says "the next time we will bring them both down"
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Postby yorick » Tue Feb 01, 2005 4:30 pm

Actually AlQaeda has already staged an attack - that tsunami, you understand, was deliberately created through defensive measures from kentucky heartland at redirecting negative anti-USA spiritual energy to the opposite end of the earth.

It's a war of minds today; nevermind the physical realm.

(:= ZproX
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Postby NUNYABIZNACK » Tue Feb 08, 2005 4:21 am

yeah..the networks are probably itching for another attack...Daytime Television has been sucking booty pretty much these last few years..........
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