The Best Of SHADOWOBJECTIVISM's Maiden Year (2004)

Exploration of Conspiracy Theories from Perspective of Esoteric Traditions

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The Best Of SHADOWOBJECTIVISM's Maiden Year (2004)

Postby wsduncanb » Wed May 11, 2005 9:45 pm

Be ADVISED, when you travel internationally, even upon a U.S.A.
PASSPORT within this our Western Hemisphere, that the U.S. Government
routinely "sub-contracts torture out", clandestine or otherwise (if
that's your primary motive for trying to ESCAPE FROM AMERICA to begin
with), to these Central-American countries: MEXICO, BELIZE,
through my own experience, since the Summer of 1999, that this
continues to be the case -- albeit most recently more pronounced
since the enactment of the USA PATRIOT ACT (2001-2002).

It would do you all a great deal of good to re-visit these
SHADOWOBJECTIVIST "Best Of 2004" entries again for the first time if
the ESOTERIC escaped you. They're all chocked so full of profound
insightful information! Blessed be! ... /message/5 ... message/19 ... message/23 ... message/24 ... message/28 ... message/29 ... message/40 ... message/55 ... message/62 ... message/70
"I´ve already been executed,
I´m just waiting to die." -wsdb

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