HAIKU, M.S., And The DIABETIC FOOT: A Mockery Of Metaphor.

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HAIKU, M.S., And The DIABETIC FOOT: A Mockery Of Metaphor.

Postby wsduncanb » Thu May 12, 2005 9:58 pm

My toes are the MYELIN sheaths
Of times spent and of secrets
Lost and forever forgotten in that place
On calle central, en avenida nueve.
-From the novella "If I'm In PRISON,
Then None Of This Will Matter,
Will It?" by WSD Binns.

The details are sketchy, as are all my memories from that era: I
couldn't put together a full day from my days working for the C.I.A.
in Central America if I was given sodium pentathol (and I've been
administered the drug more times than I've made these journal entries
for this YAHOO NEWSGROUP!). I can go from the end and work my way
back to the beginning. The end was this: TO JUSTIFY THE PRESENT.

What I can glean from the way things have ended, by the way things
are ending in my life, is reason enough for me to believe in the
CAUSE for the way things are progressing: e.g. these "traumatic
events", "unfortunate illnesses", and "incurable diseases" I am
dealing with and detailing in these posted messages: i.e. "Who cares
if we inject and torture perverts?" Another rhetorical
question, "Wasn't it all PRETEXT anyway?"

(NiCe PhOtOs! The major concern of the doctors was in how I would
take the news. A "double-whammy" they call it in intelligence
circles: it wasn't enough embarassment to have been exposed, but to
have to have been injected while in the throes of "lovemaking", and
then "waking-up", is THE punishment tied to THE compromise -- tracing
the origins, these are the by-products of something else -- multiple
sclerosis AND diabetes, a stroke, a mild heart-attack, and colon-
rectal cancer for good measure! "How in GOD's name can my life get
any worse?")

After getting shot, when the doctors asked me, "By the way, would you
mind if we conduct a battery of blood tests and an MRI/CAT SCAN of
your brain while you're here?" I should've thought about the
consequences, the wisdom behind that old saying, IGNORANCE IS BLISS;
I should've thought, "I don't wanna know!"

Now, with me having all the time in the World to contemplate life,
death, and disability payments, the U.S. Secret Police must think I'm
a "ticking-tocking-psychotic-time-bum" waiting to go off! With
a "shoot-to-kill order" on my head in the light of all these bad
happenings, after all the horrible recent news, the U.S. Government
is no doubt thinking it CHEAPER to have me killed off instead of
issuing me social security checks for the rest of my life!

"Indeed, CHOOSE LIFE!" the F.B.I. and U.S. Secret Service exclaim
after calculating the effect my death will have in DENOUEMENT; the
way things will look after writing all this SHIT and mysteriously
reason, "at least in PRISON, none of this will matter, will it?"
"I´ve already been executed,
I´m just waiting to die." -wsdb

W.S. Duncan-Binns
Apartado 0815-00349
Cuidad Panama
Republica De Panama
Central America
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Postby Venturi » Thu May 12, 2005 10:04 pm

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Postby Kurt » Thu May 12, 2005 10:13 pm

Back when I used to shove people out of airplanes for the state...That post would have made me shove someone out of an airplane.

Now I just blow it off and hire Mexicans to do my airplane shoving for me.
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