The 15th Of May Is ARMED FORCES DAY!

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The 15th Of May Is ARMED FORCES DAY!

Postby wsduncanb » Sun May 15, 2005 8:16 pm

Vicente Fox, Orlando Bosch,
Carriles Posada And The HANOVER
County Jail Revisited.

"Today marks the TENTH anniversary
Of my politically-motivated
Incarceration inside the gaol
At Ashland, HANOVER County,
Virginia. The days of my
Imprisonment were from the
15th to the 17th day of
May 1995, a full decade ago,
And, N-YET, I still get a
Violent, cold shiver down my spine
Whenever I recall my interrogations,
The experience of my hunger-strikes,
And the torment of the 'bluejay songs'
Outside those iron prison bars...
And, now, today, out of all possible
Days on my calendar, I have to address
This blatant DOUBLE-STANDARD? This isn't
Right!"-- W.S. Duncan-Binns conferencing
on-line with the Miami-Dade LIBERTARIAN
Party on the pardoning and harboring of
known Cuban terrorists like Orlando Bosch
and Posada Carriles within the Miami City
limits while the Miami-Dade Police Depart-
ment focuses-in on wannabe American

"Dream It, See It, Achieve It?
These social-engineers are trying to turn the core of our Libertarian
philosophy upon its head! They say to me, 'What can you, mi amigo,
achieve in this society when the dice are loaded and card-deck is
stacked against you? Afterall, this is MIAMI, FLORIDA, where any
spic, fresh-off-the-boat, can obtain a righteous new deal under G.W.
Bush and begin his life again, with a clean slate even, while niggers
of all stripes and persuasions can't get a fuckin' Metro Bus-Pass,
much-less decent shelter and the most menial JOB. Yes, the only
difference between us hispanics and you niggers is that we can dream
the American Dream, see it and achieve it, but you can't!' This
pisses me off: Only in Amerikkka can a Castro criminal like an
Orlando Bosch or a Carriles Posada become a solid citizen!!! ... message/53

"Oh, yes! We must not forget the pardon by President Bush of a
terrorist, Orlando Bosch, who conspired in the bombing of a Cubana
airliner in 1976, killing all passengers and crew.

"Bosch, who had been serving a prison sentence for a bazooka attack
on a Polish freighter in Miami harbor, was freed as the result of a
campaign launched by Jeb Bush and his right-wing Cuban supporters in
Florida. This event did not make the news, nor did it arouse the
moral outrage of Congress and the right-wing organizations who today
denounce the release of the Puerto Rican political prisoners.

"The terrorist activities of Orlando Bosch are fully documented in
the book Deadly Secrets by Warren Hinkle and William Turner, who in
turn drew their information from a Senate investigation led by
Senator Kerry into the activities of the CIA.

"Bosch was a cohort of Posada Carriles, a Cuban pediatrician who
became a world renowned terrorist for the CIA. Carriles has taken
claim for the recent wave of hotel bombings in Havana, Cuba. Both men
were trained together at Fort Benning, Georgia. Bosch was the founder
of the "Command of the United Revolutionary Organizations" formed to
cooperate with the DINA Chilean secret police and other Latin
American repressive organisms in the murder of leftists throughout
the region, including the assassination of the Chilean ambassador,
Letelier, in Washington, DC.

"The US government has repeatedly declined to extradite Bosch to Cuba
to stand trial for the bombing of the Cubana airliner in 1976. In my
opinion, there can only be two clear reasons for the denial. One,
Bosch would prove very embarrassing for the US at a trial in Cuba.
Two, his extradition would destroy the close political relationship
between the exile Cubans who demanded his release and the Republican

"The quarterly magazine Cuba Update, September 1992, page 3, of the
Center for Cuban Studies, New York, also carries the complete history
of Bosch's participation in the bombing of the Cubana airliner and
his subsequent pardon.

"According to the New York Time of August 17, 1989, Cuban right-wing
congressperson Ros-Lehtinen met with former President Bush to
negotiate Bosch's release. The meeting was arranged by her campaign
manager, Jeb Bush, who had earlier met with Cuban hunger strikers
also demanding the release. Bosch was pardoned on July 18, 1990 and
the New York Times was the lonely voice denouncing Bush's pardon on
an editorial published July 20, 1990.

"Below are two items recently published in Cuba [from Radio Havana
Cuba] related to the terrorist bombing:

'October 5, 1999
'Cuban Athletes Remember Victims of the Sabotage of Cubana Airliner

'HAVANA (RHC)—A special commemoration ceremony will be held tomorrow,
Wednesday, to remember those killed in the sabotage bombing of a
Cubana airliner in 1976. Wednesday, October 6, marks the twenty-third
anniversary of the mid-air explosion over Barbados that killed all
passengers on board. Fifty-seven Cubans—including the island's entire
fencing team, returning from competitions—and sixteen foreigners were
killed in the sabotage attack.

'Cuban athletes will hold a special ceremony tomorrow at the Cerro
Pelado Training Center in Havana. The commemoration will include a
march to Havana's Colon Cemetery. In the afternoon, another event
will be held at the Sports City Complex.

'Evidence showed that the bomb was placed by Cuban-American
mercenaries, in the pay of the US Central Intelligence Agency, the
CIA. The two terrorists who admitted that they placed the bomb on the
Cubana flight—Luis Posada Carriles and Orlando Bosch—are currently
free and walking the streets.'

'October 7, 1999

'Athletes Remember Victims of Sabotaged Cubana Airliner

'HAVANA, (RHC)—Cuban athletes held a commemoration ceremony on
Wednesday for members of the island's junior fencing team, killed in
the sabotage of a Cubana airliner 23 years ago. The plane exploded in
mid-air after taking off from Barbados on October 6, 1976, killing
all 73 people aboard.

'During yesterday's ceremony, Maria Redondo, the mother of one of the
athletes killed, presented the national flag to the Cuban fencing
team that will participate in next month's World Fencing Championship
in South Korea.

'One of the Cuban fencers on the way to South Korea is Oscar Garcia,
who read a statement affirming that the best way to honor those who
were killed is to win in Seoul and qualify for next year's Olympics
in Sydney, Australia.

'The sabotage attack 23 years ago took the lives of 57 Cubans,
including the island's entire junior fencing team, which was
returning from the 1976 Pan American Games in Caracas, Venezuela.

'Sixteen foreigners on board the Cubana flight were also killed.
Evidence showed that two bombs were placed on the Cubana aircraft by
Cuban-American terrorists in the pay of the US Central Intelligence

"I hope I have enough information here to satisfy your reader or
perhaps, bring something to light, in the midst of the Bush
candidacy, which is more educational than the usual sexual
transgressions of US politicians. Please don't hesitate to contact me
if I could shed some more light on this subject."--wsdb..poop!
"I´ve already been executed,
I´m just waiting to die." -wsdb

W.S. Duncan-Binns
Apartado 0815-00349
Cuidad Panama
Republica De Panama
Central America
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Postby coldharvest » Sun May 15, 2005 8:23 pm

You mean to tell me that secret organizations do shit I don't know about in an effort to do things I could give a shit about?
Wow, that imperils my sense of well being.
I know the law. And I have spent my entire life in its flagrant disregard.
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Postby Expat » Mon May 16, 2005 3:17 am

uh scuse me Mr. wsduncanb? The tin foil hat cafe called. They'd like their leader back.

After spending a year in Colorado, I have no patience for these survivalist assclowns.

Of course this guy could turn out to be some fun.
Mach you'd better start performing. Your job as BFC's village idiot is in jeopardy.
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Postby kilroy » Mon May 16, 2005 4:26 am

The days of my
Imprisonment were from the
15th to the 17th day of
May 1995

The experience of my hunger-strikes

two days in the drunk tank? big fucking deal. that hunger strike must've been real rough.
when they ask how you feeling
you tell em you feeling like something important died screaming
you tell em you feeling like something even more important arrived breathing
something you should probably try feeding
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