Guerrilla Personal Finance: Living Well On Nothing A Year.

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Guerrilla Personal Finance: Living Well On Nothing A Year.

Postby wsduncanb » Mon May 16, 2005 9:40 pm

From: ShadowObjectivist (Original Message) Sent: 4/11/2005 12:11 PM
"Never write a check with
Your mouth your ass can't
Cash!"-Wolfgang Ru486Pauli ... message/93

Disclaimer: This advice, along with other informational material contained within the confines of this ShadowObjectivist Newsgroup, is solely intended for the use of the American Ex-Patriot whose declared intent it is to leave the United States of America, forever and for good, and who is in the process of preparing to do so under the most stressful circumstances imaginable: Whose life has become like that of a "hunted animal's" because the U.S. Secret Police is violating virtually every basic human right recognized by the civilized nations of the World, depriving him of all but his most basic human needs, and is destroying the very last shred of his identity -- his very dignity and humanity being all but gone, he has made the decision to move on. This information is for the American Ex-Patriot marshaling the very last of his resources for expatriation to a "destination unknown". Use of this information in any other way will get you investigated, secretly indicted and arrested by agents of the U.S. Secret Service, the F.B.I. and D.H.S. (Department of Homeland Security). Remember, I warned you first! ... message/29

The ShadowObjectivist (or societal striker) must "live by his wits"
and this often means that his income will rarely exceed $10,000.00
dollars per anum since, by making the conscious decision to conduct
every aspect (i.e. all the important functions and affairs) of his
life on the margins of society, at the very fringes of civilization,
he must operate within the "underground economy" and make his own way
through the "black-markets" of the World, while pursuing his hopes,
dreams and aspirations. Via the adaptation and the application of
basic real-world, real-time survival skills, which it is my obligation
to have you acquire, I will help make it possible for you to Escape From America and "vanish into thin air".

#1 Your WALLET (The Bail Fund)
Keep one twenty, one ten, one five and several one dollar bills in
your wallet at all times. (No exceptions!) Guard the same with your
life as you would your PASSPORT and the "holy trinity" of your
identification (i.e. your birth certificate, your social security
card and your valid, official U.S. State picture I.D. card) since you're going to rely on the first $35 dollars in your wallet to bribe petty government officials (to prove you're not some filthy vagrant), to pay small fines and "fees", and to post a modest bail if you are jailed. The
several one dollar bills, or as many one dollar bills as you can
effectively conceal in your wallet, the product of your day's work,
your sustenance, will be applied to your basic daily subsistence.

The Five Dollar A Day Rule
This is also known as the "one dollar a day rule" in some third-world
countries because one dollar is the average daily wage and is the
amount of currency it usually takes to survive on any given day in
places like sub-saharan Africa and South America. Here in the "First
World", however, trying to live on a five dollar daily budget makes
life in the Congo, or in Costa Rica for that matter, look very simple and very easy by comparison.

The COSTA RICAN "Fit For Life Diet"
Inspired by Isabella and Johnny Martinez of the Mount Galaad, this
simple diet is the way to survive on much less than five dollars a
day. (I got by with just 83-cents in my pocket on one occasion!)
Breakfast: Strong coffee, plain bread and some fresh fruit.
Lunch: Water or other "natural" beverage. No meat! A fruit, a vegetable or hardly any food at all. In fact, lunch is the most important meal of
the day - to skip!
Dinner: A heavy supper after 7PM with the alcoholic beverage of your
choice. Drinking lots of IMPERIAL beer, before consuming my dinner,
was the way I aided the digestion of a typically bad meal.
*Tip: Here in these United States of America, dinner can frequently be gotten free-of-charge at many a soup kitchen or homeless shelter, but the after 7PM eating rule must still apply since what is served at many of these places is indigestable and will "put you down like a pit-bull
terrier" if eaten any earlier in the day. (Remember, F.D.A. really
stands for the "Food-Doping (Drugging) Administration" whose sole
mission is to turn every single American citizen into a walking live
VHF/UHF-SHORTWAVE antenna and RF receiver with all the chemicals they approve for our consumption.)
Fasting: On Sundays and High Religious holidays, this is the rule (and the value of fasting should, by now, be quite obvious) since a little food deprivation clears the head and readies the mind for the deep contemplation of philosophical (religious) truths. From sunrise to sunset, consume nothing except water from a good, safe source.

#2 M.O.P. (Your "means-of-production")
I am assuming you have property; a few personal items you find
essential to your quality-of-life. Whatever you're into, whatever
your hopes, dreams and aspirations (mine happens to be boat-
building), I strongly suggest that you put these cherished items you
find essential now for the future in a secured storage facility.
Whatever you'll choose to do for a livelihood "on the other side"
must be kept safe! For me, this means buying tools and accumulating
important assets in very small increments until I can put these
things on my sailboat, the "Vera Essie".

As Che Guevara once said, "The guerrilla fighter carries his house on
his back," and what you'll need for day-to-day basic survival must be
kept upon your person at all times. But, your standard-of-living is
something that you must address for yourself since "you can only live
as well as you want to" and the U.S. Army's Survival Manual can be a
tremendous help and valuable resource. Remember, information is your most important asset because KNOWLEDGE is POWER! ... essage/127

#3 Savings (Your secret "off-shore" account)
As much as possible, I try to live my life on a "cash-only" basis.
This is okay, fine and dandy for me because I have a fire-proof safe
locked away in safe storage and can put away large amounts of money
without leaving a "paper trail" -- and like nobody's business! Forget
about hiding money under the mattress or in your shoe. Your secured
storage facility should be utilized for this underground banking purpose: An "off-the-books" savings account which you'll no doubt lovingly come to call, as I have in the past, your "ex-pat fund".

But standard banking is unavoidable, even more desirable at times,
since you may find yourself with only the $35 dollars in your wallet
and bond is being set for $1,000.00 dollars; or you've just crossed
the Mexican border and need a few pesos of local currency to get over
to Belize or something. An ATM card which draws upon your only bank
account, a savings account and not a checking account, is ESSENTIAL.
In fact, after building-up your "off-shore account" to your
satisfaction ($10,000.00 U.S.D. minimum) you should "squirrel" away every paltry paycheck you collect into this savings account.
"I´ve already been executed,
I´m just waiting to die." -wsdb

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