RYP, dude, WTF?

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RYP, dude, WTF?

Postby rickshaw92 » Mon May 09, 2011 9:13 pm

Bad enough that you no longer flog Mr. DP patches but now there ain't no hoodies! And no polo shirts either! Dude, WTF?
Im reallly fuclimg pissed but fespite that I can still hit a tarfet at 1000m plus. mayVRVe bnot tonight but it qint beyond the wit if man. Nowhammy.
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Re: RYP, dude, WTF?

Postby RangeRover83 » Tue May 10, 2011 1:27 am

no kidding i was trying to find some new patches only to see some stickers and very limited kit...
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Re: RYP, dude, WTF?

Postby JamesInTheWorld » Tue May 10, 2011 10:45 pm

the lack of response is your answer

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Re: RYP, dude, WTF?

Postby RYP » Fri May 20, 2011 11:03 am

Sorry been busy saving the world from evil. Will get some and stick it on DPxGear.com
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Re: RYP, dude, WTF?

Postby swordpoint9 » Tue Jul 12, 2011 5:09 pm

Let me Know when the patches are in RYP .That would have been cool kit in the Hest/F LE !
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