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Postby Woodsman » Sat Aug 13, 2011 11:40 pm

nowonmai wrote:Never bang your girlfriend's sister - unless you're doing the both of them together.


Now...about this here thread.

I love portable boats.

I once took one of these:


out into the intercoastal tidal marshes off Tybee Island, GA

This is of course, an inflatable kayak with a Chinese knock-off cordura style covering. When the tide was going out, I was paddling in. It was a good workout to beat the tide with, especially with the crappy paddle. The sharp mussels did cut a rip in the covering - luckily it didn't make it through the rubber or it would have been a bitch to swim to shore - especially for the wife. We caught a lot of fish out of there and it was fun, but lesson's learned I wouldn't try it again.

NOTE: This is for sale $100 with the same crappy paddle and a pump in case anyone is interested. Send me a pm. The thing still works, though it needs a patch in a small hole in the interior decking which is a snap. PM me if interested.

I would however not think twice about doing it in a folbot kayak:

Original kayaks were made out of seal skins over a wooden stick frame.

The skins available now are much tougher than seal skins...and frames made of stronger aluminum.

It will work great.

As far as canoes, I wouldn't bother with another one. They are too high up off the water. A strong man cannot win paddling against such a sail. If you have two men, maybe - but the point is efficiency - and they aren't.
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