Motorbike that flies

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Motorbike that flies

Postby mach1 » Thu Dec 09, 2004 3:04 am

Got ur attention, huh? -lol (special link on this page....find the X or the asterisk

This should probably be more int he Xmas*) wish list thread than here.

Imagine that though in a few blinks of an eye, metaphorically speaking on a timeline of the age of technological development...

Motorbikes with actual wings that take flight in the air...

Not just an idea or concept, its actually already taking off, gaining momentum and in development... ... 40818.html

- - ... rtiss.html

-- -- - ... clark.html ... 62004.html


Till then tough, maybe this one will do..

Image ... _home.html

or this..


- - -

note: Trans-Siberian hi-way? ... 00159.html
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