i hda an idea bouta forum

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i hda an idea bouta forum

Postby Fansy » Fri Mar 13, 2009 4:11 am

um, essentially a requests forum. that is, something obviously that wouldnt get high traffic, but like all-inclusive of actual real-world requests, be it to purchase, buying, advice unrelated to travel/guns etc.

um, really not a place to ask for money, or just requests, but like a call to action forum. like, a place to put stuff that the reader is either encouraged to take some real world action, (not in the political sense), but you get my meaning. not just for what i said above (i thought of this because i was looking for ideas)....

you know, like a forum where "i'm looking for ideas or for you to do something for me irl"

i dont know any other way to explain it.

of course most of this functionality is present in existing forums especially forums based on a certain topic.

but random shit, well i just post it to rants, opinions, humor, but I guess

i also use it as a "misc" forum that gets read more than the tfhc.

of course, maybe im the only person that would fish for ideas from random people, or ask for random peoples opinions on random topics, so in taht sense rants and tfhc are sufficient, but I wonder if there was a "for sale/looking for/need some general help/need some opinions/responses" forum whether people would use it.

that way ppl wouldnt look at me funny if i made a request for info in rants, because if they came across the post in "requests" they would be like "o yah thats natural thats what ppl do in this forum and why im reading this forum."

i guess many times this stuff gets hit up as stickies or in annoucnements, but i mean some things arnet so dire or self-important that announcements is apropos, ya kno?

yes i did get a lil sri lanky or mach with this, but im thinkin bout something else sorreh
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Re: i hda an idea bouta forum

Postby marie-angelique » Fri Mar 13, 2009 12:25 pm

where did you learn how to spell?
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Re: i hda an idea bouta forum

Postby Woodsman » Fri Mar 13, 2009 1:03 pm

marie-angelique wrote:where did you learn how to spell?

Whaddya taklin bout, M-A?
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