Alberta Tar-Sands Are A Part Of An Alien Conspiracy!!11One

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Alberta Tar-Sands Are A Part Of An Alien Conspiracy!!11One

Postby SRR » Sat Dec 05, 2009 12:08 pm ... 02168.html

Gnostic insights illuminate Alberta Tar Sands prosperity as an apparent Manipulative Extraterrestrial Virtual Reality illusion

by Peter Tremblay
Scheduled For Destruction

Stepehen Harper goverment is pursuing a course of environmental destruction that is inspired by virtual reality inspired computer generated commercial profit simulations.

The Alberta Tar Sands, is a great example how Canadians and humanity in general, is being manipulated by an apparent self-serving alien consciousness. This alien consciousness had been documented in great detail by the ancient Gnostics, as revealed by Dr. John Lash. The ancient Gnostics through a process of critical spiritual introspection discovered what they referred to as "artificial man", that sought to use its technology to deceive humanity into accepting an alien Virtual Reality illusion. LINK The Gnostics seems to be attempting to describe what we would now refer to as an inorganic cyborg-like "artificial intelligence" that has sought to use its 'mechanical consciousness' to warp the quality-of-survival instincts of humanity. LINK

Suppose you were living in a polluted urban area, and decided to move your family to an area with cleaner air, and an overall better environmental quality, to support the longevity of you together with your family. Suppose that new area and new home you chose bordered on a beautiful hilly and protected forested area, consisting of vibrant ecosystems of trees, streams teeming of fish, and land-bound wildlife like rare birds.

Environmental Destruction

You might consider yourself to be very lucky, living is a sort of paradise of earth, invigorated by your natural surroundings with fresh air, and wonderfully tasting crystal clear water. You might have also noticed that you felt somewhat cool, compared to the hot, muggy, and smog filled area that you became accustomed to in the city you left. Well, just contemplate, if you will, what you might feel like, if you went to bed one night, and the next day, the paradise that bordered your backyard was replaced by a cancer-causing wasteland, that arguably looked worse than the surface of the moon.

How would you feel about your home now bordering such an unsightly wasteland that was generating the stench of polluted air, and pools of polluted water, that began to cause your family and friends in your new neighbourhood to suffer from rare leukemia and other life-threatening ailments? Would you jump for joy if in the process of losing your paradise, and your previous quality-of-life, because you got some new tax-breaks, and that you could now buy a big screen television for less, since the value of the dollar when up, as a result of your backyard turning into a cancerous wasteland?

Logic suggests that you probably wouldn't be jumping for joy, would you? Especially with all the headaches, and other debilitating symptoms you, your family and new friends would have to be now dealing with.

John Lash has illuminated Gnostic documentation of an alien consciousness that creates the kind of fantasy reality, designed to induce humanity to accept the progress represented by such a toxic and Greenhouse gas emissions producing wasteland. Apparently it is that type of alien consciousness which has led human beings into accepting such apparent schemes as the Alberta Tar Sands. Canadians are being led to believe that such schemes somehow support "our prosperity", rather than for the debilitation that such schemes substantively represents.

....and it goes on for like 10 more pages......
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Re: Alberta Tar-Sands Are A Part Of An Alien Conspiracy!!11One

Postby coldharvest » Sat Dec 05, 2009 1:49 pm

....and it goes on for like 10 more pages......

Does it mention when the Leafs are going to lift the Cup again because I'm sure it will take alien intervention.
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Re: Alberta Tar-Sands Are A Part Of An Alien Conspiracy!!11One

Postby Sri Lanky » Sun Dec 06, 2009 8:01 pm

I try to keep in mind that there is ultimately a purpose for this elephant in our living room that is almost omnipresent and omnipotent yet almost invisible because it's simply taken for granted. This is the frontier of psychology and hopefully it will yield the deepest insights.

A quote from a book called the Wayfinders:

"Anything that brings you closer to the realm of death will reveal to the living that everyone and everything is equal. That humans are not exceptional,that nothing in this world is permanent."

Does this make me feel better?
Sri Lanky

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