CONTEST!!! WIN A FREE AR-15, 1000 ROUNDS .223 & (5) mags

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CONTEST!!! WIN A FREE AR-15, 1000 ROUNDS .223 & (5) mags

Postby Woodsman » Wed Jan 09, 2013 4:03 pm

CONTEST!!! WIN A FREE AR-15, 1000 ROUNDS OF .223 AND 5-30 ROUND MAGS!! Ok, guys and girls here is the contest. After getting tons of feedback from our fans and customers we have decided to do our biggest contest yet! Here are the rules.

1. A winner will be announced at 10,000 likes
2. In order to qualify you have to repost this link with the rules in it
3. You have to post it not only on your page but 3 people you knows page also
4. We MUST hit 10k likes before the Assault weapons ban goes into effect otherwise nobody wins (Feb 1 2013 is the cut off)
If we do not reach 10k likes in time a backup prize will be awarded (TBD)
5. All likes have to be from within the continental United States.
6. The type of AR will not be disclosed until a winner is picked (I promise, no junk)
7. The rules are self explanatory and no additional questions will be answered due to the expected high volume of contestants.
8. You must like our page.
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