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Re: Seth Rich

Postby kinderdigi » Sat Nov 11, 2017 7:43 pm

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Re: Seth Rich

Postby rickshaw92 » Sun Nov 12, 2017 2:27 am

For ant Flaggers who actually read mach's rantings here is a little something to break up the monotony.
Im reallly fuclimg pissed but fespite that I can still hit a tarfet at 1000m plus. mayVRVe bnot tonight but it qint beyond the wit if man. Nowhammy.
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Re: Seth Rich

Postby kinderdigi » Mon Nov 13, 2017 2:07 am

BIG LEAGUE WAS RIGHT: Donna Brazile ‘Haunted’ By Murder of Seth Rich

Big League Politics

After more than a year of Democrats writing off concerns about the unsolved murder of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich, who many believed may have been the source of the emails provided to WikiLeaks — Donna Brazile wrote in her new book that the case haunts her.

Buried hundreds of words into an article about Brazile’s new book, the Washington Post reported on Saturday evening that it isn’t actually just “conspiracy theorists” concerned about Rich’s murder and the infamous “Clinton Body Count.”

The Post reports:

“Brazile writes that she was haunted by the still-unsolved murder of DNC data staffer Seth Rich and feared for her own life, shutting the blinds to her office window so snipers could not see her and installing surveillance cameras at her home. She wonders whether Russians had placed a listening device in plants in the DNC executive suite.”

That is the only mention in the article of the slain staffer.

As Big League Politics exclusively reported, in a series of text messages sent to Fox News reporter Malia Zimmerman by private investigator Rod Wheeler, he describes being “startled” by Donna Brazile, and states that her behavior “makes me think that Donna Brazile is in a category of persons of interest as it relates to the death of Seth Rich.”

The day before Fox News published their now-retracted story about Rich being the source of the Democratic National Committee emails released by WikiLeaks, Wheeler wrote to Zimmerman. Wheeler explained how Brazile had called the police department after he met with the lead detective on the case.

A “Key Communications Log” of detailed exchanges between Wheeler and Zimmerman was provided to Big League Politics by a person who wishes to remain anonymous at this time.

As Big League Politics previously reported regarding a leaked conversation provided to us, award-winning journalist Sy Hersh is heard clearly stating that Rich had contacted WikiLeaks with sample emails from the leak. Hersh cites an FBI document as proof for his claim.

“There are no DNC or Podesta emails that exist beyond May 21 or 22, last email from either one of those groups. What the report says is that some time in late Spring… he makes contact with WikiLeaks, that’s in his computer,” he says. “Anyway, they found what he had done is that he had submitted a series of documents — of emails, of juicy emails, from the DNC.”

When contacted on the phone by Big League Politics Editor-in-Chief Patrick Howley to inquire about his story abruptly changing, Hersh stated, “I’m not going to comment about that stuff, I mean, come on, I live in the real world.”

When asked to confirm that it was him speaking on the bombshell audio recording, he stated, “I’m not going to talk to anybody about that. No comment.”

Hersh has an impressive record, winning the 1970 Pulitzer Prize, the 2004 George Orwell Award for Distinguished Contribution to Honesty and Clarity in Public Language, two National Magazine Awards, and five George Polk Awards — the most any journalist has ever received. His credentials include over a dozen other awards for his reporting, which includes breaking the story about the abuses at Abu Ghraib prison and the story of the My Lai Massacre in Vietnam.

Though Assange has infamously expressed interest in Rich, he has always maintained that WikiLeaks will never name a source. To this day, he continues to refer to Chelsea Manning as an “alleged source.”

The organization did offer a $20,000 reward for Rich’s murderer however, and has retweeted articles that asserted he was their source without providing any additional comment.

“Whistleblowers go to significant efforts to get us material and often significant risks. There was a 27-year old that works for the DNC who was shot in the back… murdered.. for unknown reasons as he was walking down the street in Washington,” Assange said during an interview with Dutch TV last year. When asked by the host if he would suggest that Rich was involved, he stated that “we have to understand how high the stakes are in the United States and that our sources face serious risks… that’s why they come to us so we can protect their anonymity.”

Rich was shot in the back in the early morning hours of July 10, 2016, near his home while he was on the phone with his girlfriend — 12 days before the publication of the DNC emails by the controversial publisher. The police initially ruled that it was a botched robbery — but his wallet, watch, and necklace were still on his person when he was discovered by police.

© 2017 Big League Politics ... seth-rich/
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Re: Seth Rich

Postby kinderdigi » Wed Nov 15, 2017 7:28 pm

OT: Those pesky Russians are at it again. This time with an App that removes makeup. Working in the visual arts, this could be dramatic for some who live in the "face based* public media. This is also ripe for use on social media where Image is everything. (examples: ... le-photos/
and: ... nse-photo/ )

Having worked with politicians, most travel with their own hair and makeup people. This is both men and women. Clinton's $600 hair cut, Obama's lawsuit to prevent the use of unflattering photos come to mind. Trump .. who knows what's living in that orange thing on his head? Digital cameras are to blame for much of this. A common pro digital camera will capture at 20+ MP. Much too much detail, for those in public office or in show biz. The most memorable was, a politician who had an aid follow him around carrying his wallet, personal items and his can of hair spray. He felt that any items carried in his coat and pants broke up the lines of his expensive suits. And now this..

The good, the bad and the angry ..

"We Used the App That Reveals What Women Look Like Without Their Makeup on the Man Who Created It"
By Heather Schwedel

Slate Magazine

In the tradition of those Snapchat filters that give your skin an added glow and FaceApp, the less said about which the better, comes MakeApp, an app that uses artificial intelligence to show you what people—you, your friends, celebrities, anyone—look like without makeup. There are of course plenty of apps that stack various filters in order to self-beautify, and MakeApp offers the option of adding makeup to a face, too. But its underlying purpose seems to be to make sure that people—ahem, women—can’t get away with using makeup to fool people into thinking they’re hotter than they actually are. Why not expose the dastardly tricks these harpies are using to disguise themselves? Makeup: It’s basically witchcraft.

Women, understandably, have not taken kindly to this concept: Select All called the app “laughable and problematic,” PopSugar described it as “sexist,” and Refinery29 said it “wants to destroy your self-esteem.”

It probably comes as no surprise that the app was created by a man, Ashot Gabrelyanov. This isn’t the first time men have run into trouble sharing their opinions about makeup with the world, and it surely won’t be the last. Still, since the app is available for anyone with a smartphone to try out, surely Gabrelyanov wouldn’t mind if I tested it out, well, him. Why should only women be subjected to the MakeApp treatment? Surely those cheeks have nothing to hide from the truth! ... ashot.html

Good visuals here: ... ering.html

Search "makeapp" for more examples.
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Re: Seth Rich

Postby kinderdigi » Thu Nov 16, 2017 9:03 pm

Fake headline says Donna Brazile knows Seth Rich was murdered by Clintons

@politifact | in a blog post – Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The publication of former interim Democratic National Committee chair Donna Brazile’s book has revived conspiracy theories about the 2016 shooting death of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich.

A headline on the US Political website states, "Donna Brazile knows Seth Rich was murdered by the Clintons." Facebook users flagged the post as being potentially fabricated, as part of the social network’s efforts to combat fake news. Our efforts to reach the writer were unsuccessful.

"Why would Brazile have to fear for her life after the Rich murder — if, as we’ve been told, it was simply a robbery gone bad?" states the article. "Does she suspect someone of the murder? Does she suspect the Clintons?"

We found nothing in Brazile’s recent book that pins the Rich murder on the Clintons.

Near dawn on July 10, 2016, 27-year-old Rich was found with two fatal gunshot wounds near his home in Washington, D.C. Rich was had been working on voter access projects for the DNC.

Weeks later, Rich’s death became intertwined with WikiLeaks after it released hacked emails from the DNC. WikiLeaks head Julian Assange suggested in a Dutch television interview that Rich might have been murdered.

In "Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns that Put Donald Trump in the White House," Brazile wrote about the grief and fears she felt in the aftermath of Rich’s murder, even closing the blinds in her office so a sniper couldn’t see her.

Brazile wrote that she felt some responsibility for Rich’s death.

"I didn’t bring him into the DNC, but I helped keep him there working on voting rights," she wrote.

She speculated about the motivation behind his shooting but wrote that police believed he was a victim of a robbery.

"With all I knew now about the Russians’ hacking, I could not help but wonder if they had played some part in his unsolved murder," she wrote, though stating that the FBI told her they didn’t see Russian fingerprints on the case. "Besides that, racial tensions were high that summer and I worried that he was murdered for being white on the wrong side of town."

She also wondered "had he been killed by someone who had it out for the Democrats? Likely not, but we still didn’t know."

Brazile dismissed the WikiLeaks conspiracy theory:

"Some Trump supporters were promoting the baseless conspiracy theory that Seth had been murdered by the DNC because he was the one who had leaked our emails to WikiLeaks."

We attempted to contact Brazile through her website but did not get a reply.

The headline on the US Political website states "Donna Brazile knows Seth Rich was murdered by the Clintons." The article refers to Brazile’s book in which she speculates on the motivations behind the DNC staffer’s murder, but she doesn’t point the finger at the Clintons.

We rate this headline Pants on Fire. ... th-rich-w/
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Re: Seth Rich

Postby kinderdigi » Fri Nov 17, 2017 10:56 pm

Excerpt from the piece:

"The Alleged Murder of Seth Rich?

According to an article by The Daily Caller ‘Donna Brazile Has A Theory About Who Killed Seth Rich’ where Brazile explains her theory on the murder of the DNC staffer named Seth Rich which is absurd:

I felt some responsibility for Seth Rich’s death. I didn’t bring him into the DNC, but I helped keep him there working on voting rights. With all I knew now about the Russians’ hacking, I could not help but wonder if they had played some part in his unsolved murder. Besides that, racial tensions were high that summer and I worried that he was murdered for ōbeing white on the wrong side of town. [My friend] Elaine expressed her doubts about that, and I heard her. The FBI said that they did not see any Russian fingerprints there.

Brazile repeatedly returns to the subject of being haunted by Rich’s murder, even though other Democrats have pounced on anyone who suggested that the murder was anything other than a robbery gone wrong. The DNC data staffer was killed days before Wikileaks began publishing its emails, and his valuables were not taken

It is noted that Brazile did dedicate part of her book to Seth Rich calling him a patriot:

In loving memory of my father, Lionel Brazile Sr., my beloved sister, Sheila Brazile, my fearless uncles Nat, Floyd, and Douglas, Harlem’s finest, my aunt Lucille, my friend and mentor, David Kaufmann, my DNC colleague and patriot, Seth Rich, and my beloved Pomeranian, Chip Joshua Marvin Brazile (Booty Wipes). I miss y’all

For arguments sake, let’s just say that the Russians since the U.S. government and the Mainstream-Media (MSM) accuse the Kremlin (which has been going on for more than a year now and still no proof, and the MSM wonders why they are losing viewers!) for hacking the U.S. elections, did kill Seth Rich. The next obvious question would be, why? Wouldn’t the email’s from the DNC’s server that were sent to Wikileaks which had clear evidence of the Clinton campaign undermining Bernie Sanders which angered his supporters, divided the Democratic party ‘s voting base and weakened any chance of Clinton winning the presidency have benefitted the Russians? The Russians would have no logical reason to murder Seth Rich at that point, but that is just my opinion. As for Seth Rich being murdered in the wrong side of town for being white does not make sense either because he was murdered on his side of town where his neighbors happen to be mostly white. It was reported that there was an increase of robberies in his Washington D.C. neighborhood, but nothing was taken from him.

Remember when Wikileaks founder Julian Assange appeared on Dutch TV and was asked

“The stuff that you’re sitting on, is an October Surprise in there?”

and Assange replied with

“WikiLeaks never sits on material” he continued “Whistleblowers go to significant efforts to get us material, and often very significant risks. There’s a 27-year-old that works for the DNC who was shot in the back, murdered, just a few weeks ago, for unknown reasons as he was walking down the streets in Washington.”

Donna Brazile, the MSM, the Democrats and the majority of Republicans continue to blame Russia for hacking the DNC’s email servers which seized emails from John Podesta, (who worked under both Obama and Bill Clinton administrations) and sent them to Wikileaks exposing how the DNC undermined the Bernie Sanders campaign.
More: ... ty/5618306
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Re: Seth Rich

Postby kinderdigi » Sun Nov 19, 2017 6:30 pm

Lawsuit demands Donna Brazile tell all about Seth Rich shooting

'If this were a random murder,' why did she fear for her own life?

Alicia PoweAbout | Email | Archive Alicia Powe is a WND staff writer based in Washington. Follow her on Facebook. Subscribe to feed


WASHINGTON – The Washington lawyer who’s been on the hunt for slain DNC staffer Seth Rich’s killer and is suing the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton for allegedly rigging the 2016 presidential primary against Bernie Sanders now is going after another high-powered Democrat: Donna Brazile.

Brazile knows the truth about Rich’s mysterious death, attorney and Republican lobbyist Jack Burkman contends.

As WND reported, Burkman filed a lawsuit on Oct. 18 against the Democratic National Committee and scandal-ridden twice-failed Democrat presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton in D.C. Superior Court.

The complaint is seeking financial compensation for Sanders’ supporters who contributed to the Vermont senator’s campaign by donating to the DNC. Burkman is also demanding the release of the DNC emaile server, which contained troves of Clinton campaign and DNC emails that were published by whistleblower organization WikiLeaks.

Burkman amended the suit Tuesday to include Donna Brazile, the former interim DNC chief, amid bombshell revelations she makes in her book.

There, she claims the DNC conspired to ensure Hillary Clinton won the primary over Bernie Sanders.

She also explains that she was frightened following the July 10, 2016, unsolved murder of Rich. In fact, she dedicated the book to Rich, whom she calls a “patriot.”

As WND has reported, Rich, 27, was the DNC’s voter expansion data director. He had accepted a position with Clinton’s campaign just before his death.

In the summer of 2016, in the heat of a highly contentious presidential campaign, Rich was fatally shot in the back in Washington, D.C., near his apartment in an affluent neighborhood. Rich had been working for the DNC at a time when emails from the organization were provided to WikiLeaks for publication.

The series of emails revealed that high-ranking DNC officials and the Clinton team sabotaged Sanders’ candidacy, used racist, anti-gay and sexist slurs when referring to constituents and were engaged in bizarre occult rituals.

The Metropolitan Police Department and Washington Mayor Muriel Bowers insist Rich was randomly killed during a “botched robbery.” But others are doubtful because he was found with his wallet, credit cards and other valuables.

“Brazile writes that she was haunted by the still-unsolved murder of DNC data staffer Seth Rich and feared for her own life, shutting the blinds to her office window so snipers could not see her and installing surveillance cameras at her home,” the Washington Post reported. “She wonders whether Russians had placed a listening device in plants in the DNC executive suite.”

Prior to replacing Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz as DNC chief in July amid the email leaks, Brazille was a CNN contributor and a Hillary for America donor and was caught providing Clinton with questions that would later be asked of Clinton at a televised CNN town hall.

Brazile denied leaking the questions to Clinton in an interview with Fox News before the election. But in a March 17, 2017, column for Time magazine, she finally admitted doing so, saying it was a “mistake I will forever regret.”

The release of the server and the discovery phase of the lawsuit would shed light on who killed Rich, Burkman, who established the independent Profiling Project to solve the Rich murder, told WND.

Brazile has provided incomplete information about what she knows, Burkman argues, but filing a lawsuit will force Brazile to say what she knows – under oath.

“If this were a random murder like police have maintained, why did Ms. Brazile fear for her own life?” he asked. “Brazile can clearly also offer critical information about what role the DNC [had in] Hillary Clinton’s primary win.”

“Brazile has openly admitted to liability in her book. She has admitted that she and others rigged the Democratic primaries in favor of Hillary Clinton. We are, therefore, expanding our complaint to include her.

“More importantly, she is now openly suggesting that the DNC may have killed Seth. Her comment that she felt compelled to draw her blinds and avoid the window is one of the most striking comments in modern American political history.”

Burkman claims MPD officials are withholding key evidence from the public and obstructing the Rich investigation for political purposes. He’s separately filed a lawsuit in May against the MPD, demanding the release of Rich’s medical examiner’s report, autopsy documents and ballistics reports, documents that are typically made public during murder investigations.

More: ... -shooting/

Donna Brazile To Testify In Seth Rich Murder Lawsuit

Nwo Report | November 18, 2017

Former DNC Chair Donna Brazile has been asked to testify in a lawsuit alleging that the DNC murdered whistleblower Seth Rich.

Lawyer Jack Burkman, who filed the suit on behalf of Bernie Sanders supporters last month, confirmed that Brazile was added to the lawsuit in respond to the recent bombshells she dropped in her new book. reports: “She released her [book] excerpts without realizing they could open her up to civil liability,” Burkman explained to GotNews. Brazile’s book documents how the Clinton campaign effectively took control of the DNC before the 2016 primaries even started.

“The entire DNC process in 2016 was biased for Hillary Clinton,” Burkman declared.

Burkman believes Brazile was foolish to blow the whistle so candidly on the DNC’s past corruption, given the leadership role she held there while the fraud and favor-trading occurred. “That’s like saying there’s corruption in the home, and it’s my home,” Burkman said.

Burkman, however, insists Brazile’s focus on murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich – she dedicates the book to him, and describes how she began closing her blinds in fear of snipers after his death – is even more significant. “The bigger bombshell was Seth Rich,” Burkman argued. “You have revelations that are probably more shocking than the revelation of the Nixon tapes in 1974… What is she saying? Does she know that the DNC killed Seth? What on earth is going on?”

“This isn’t Alex Jones, me, or Sean Hannity saying this,” Burkman elaborated. “This is the former DNC Chairwoman.”

Burkman’s lawsuit demands the DNC release its supposedly “hacked” server for an objective forensic analysis. He says the DNC is desperately trying to ignore it and hoping it will go away. “It’s a sad state of affairs [at the DNC],” Burkman told GotNews. “There’s been a purge of the Bernie people.”

However, Burkman is optimistic about the lawsuit. “We’re getting warmer,” Burkman explained. “This lawsuit has the potential to shut down the DNC as a political party.” ... r-lawsuit/
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Re: Seth Rich

Postby kinderdigi » Tue Nov 21, 2017 4:34 pm

Sorta OT:

"Bitter Hillary fantasizes about leaving Earth to be president on another planet"

By Kyle Olson

The American Mirror | November 19, 2017

Hillary Clinton really wants to be president — even if that means blasting off from Earth to do so.

The failed Democratic candidate recently talked with Now This, a liberal online news outlet, where she pined for a presidency.

While discussing a variety of topics, Clinton envisioned leaving Earth and venturing Earth 2, where that planet apparently faces the same issues as the actual Earth.

“We went to another planet with Hillary,” the caption reads as Clinton and Now This’s Nico Pitney fired off a series of topics.

“People joke about Earth 2, where you are president,” he told a giggling Hillary.

Regarding Earth 2’s North Korea, Clinton said she would have “full on diplomatic pressure” to solve the crisis with the portly dictator Kim Jong-un.

Clinton said if she was in charge, she would be “putting as much money as it took into enforcing the laws we already have” on guns, and added she would want “universal background checks.”

After answering a question about the opioid crisis, a handler attempted to cut off the interview.

“I fear we have to end it here,” a voice off camera said.

“Okay,” Pitney responded.

“You want one more? I’ll be short — one more. Because I like being on Earth 2,” Hillary said.

Pitney then asked Clinton what she would do about Russia.

“If I had been president, or on Earth 2, where I am,” Hillary said she would have an “independent commission” look into the alleged Russian “hacking” of the presidential election.

“I worry about ’18. I worry about 2020 because this is the first time we’ve even been attacked and not imposed any real consequences on our adversary,” Clinton asserted, ignoring moves by Congressional Republicans and the Trump administration to impose new sanctions on Russia since the election.

The L.A. Times reported in late October:

The Russian government on Friday accused the United States of displaying “hostility” as the Trump administration belatedly took the first steps toward imposing new sanctions to punish Moscow for interfering in the 2016 presidential election.

In early August, after considerable delay and with minimal fanfare, President Trump signed into law a measure that required the new sanctions, which target individuals and firms with ties to Russian defense and intelligence agencies.

Under the law, companies that “knowingly engage in a significant transaction” with people or firms on the list could be subject to U.S. sanctions after Jan. 28."

© The American Mirror 2017 ... er-planet/
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Re: Seth Rich

Postby kinderdigi » Wed Nov 22, 2017 6:03 am

It's November 22 UTC .. close enough:

"Call to Action"

Kennedys and King urges its readers to contact the White House and tell President Trump how the declassification process has been made a mockery of, asking him to assign someone to correct it ASAP, before it's too late.

The public has waited 54 years for this moment. They deserve the whole truth without any exceptions.

Leave an email, or place a telephone call to the number indicated here:

White House Address and Contact Information ... on-1038697

"Kennedys and King"
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Re: Seth Rich

Postby kinderdigi » Sun Nov 26, 2017 1:34 am

Weird stuff, but audio track on youtube. It's long and rambling. J.B. Wells summery, at about mid point in the recording was most interesting. It's about six months old and pre dates Brazile's book.

"JB Wells with George Webb — Seth Rich Murder & Clinton Web — and a Counter-Narrative — Alive in Israel, Deal with Trump"

"Phi Beta Iota: A counter-narrative is emerging that suggests a deal may have been cut between Israel (where Seth Rich trained in the military and may have been recruited to the Mossad, perhaps as a lower-level asset rather than a full operations officer — we are reminded of Paula Broadwell and her West Point summer in Israel) and the Trump family spear-headed by Jared Kushner. There is a small possibility Seth Rich is alive and well in Israel, and the entire murder was faked as part of throwing Hillary Clinton under the bus. We have no direct knowledge, but given the prevalence of false flag operations and fake news, and our complete lack of confidence in any US law enforcement agency least of all the FBI and the Washington DC police department, we note the counter-narrative with interest." ... inton-web/
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Re: Seth Rich

Postby kinderdigi » Mon Nov 27, 2017 4:04 am

A mention of, the once thought secure Blackberry Phones, is found in the audio interview link in the above post. This comment on Blackberry Phones (I once used them during their short lived security) brought to mind the story below. I'd heard of the un-destroyed Clinton phones sometime ago. But, this posted Threat, is the first time I've seen it cited, in writing, within the context of the Secret Service.

Dan Bongino wrote on twitter:

"Dear Nick, are you sure you destroyed ALL of the Blackberries. Was there govt property in the bunch? #PeopleKnow"

Go to the link to see screen shots of the tweets...

"Infamous private jet was owned by child sex offender Jeffrey Epstein

Paul Joseph Watson
November 24, 2017

Ex Secret Service agent Dan Bongino has threatened to reveal new details about Bill Clinton’s flights on the “Lolita Express,” the infamous private jet owned by child sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Bongino got into a Twitter spat with former Hillary Clinton aide Nick Merrill after Merrill challenged Bongino on his claim that Hillary was the most “manipulative political person in a position of power [he had] ever met in my entire life.”

Merrill claimed that Hillary “has enormous respect for the Secret Service & a great relationship with the agents on her detail” and that Bongino was never on the Clintons’ detail.

Bongino shot back by accusing Merrill of being a “fraud,” before dropping his threat to expose more.

“Be careful Nick, people know things not yet released publicly about your messiah Hillary. Don’t poke the bear loser, you may not like the results. #Epstein #EmailGate,” tweeted Bongino.

He followed up by asking Merrill, “Dear Nick, are you guys sure you know everyone on the Epstein planes?”

Bongino then debunked Merrill’s claim he had never worked alongside the Clintons by posting the following image.

In 2008, financier Jeffrey Epstein, whose friends included some of the most powerful people on the planet, was convicted of soliciting an under-age girl for prostitution.

According to Fox News, Epstein, “Allegedly had a team of traffickers who procured girls as young as 12 to service his friends on “Orgy Island,” an estate on Epstein’s 72-acre island, called Little St. James, in the U.S. Virgin Islands.”

Bill Clinton took at least 26 trips on the Lolita Express, a luxury jet fitted out with beds where prominent elitists allegedly had sex with young girls, ditching his Secret Service detail for 5 of those trips.

Clinton chose to continue his association with Epstein even after, according to the Alliance to Rescue Victims of Trafficking, “everyone within his inner circles knew was a pedophile.”

Epstein also reportedly had 21 different phone numbers for Bill Clinton.

Disgraced actor Kevin Spacey, who has been hit with a number of sexual harassment charges, also flew on the Lolita Express with Bill Clinton when it flew from JFK Airport into the Azores before the former President and Spacey enjoyed a tour of Africa.

Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison
©2017 is a Free Speech Systems, LLC company. All rights reserved. Digital Millennium Copyright Act Notice. ... press.html
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Re: Seth Rich

Postby kinderdigi » Mon Nov 27, 2017 4:05 am

Canadian Police obtained Master Key to Crack BlackBerry Messenger Encryption

Swati Khandelwal

The Hacker News | 2016-04-15T00:10:00-11:00

BlackBerry has long been known for its stance on mobile security, as it was the first mobile phone maker to provide end-to-end encryption. But a new report revealed that the company has provided a master backdoor to law enforcement in its secure devices since 2010.
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) have been in possession of a global decryption key for BlackBerry phones since 2010, according to a new report from Vice News published yesterday.

The report suggests that the Canadian police used the master key to intercept and decrypt over 1 Million messages sent using its own encrypted and allegedly secure BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) service in a criminal investigation over the course of 2 years.

Single Encryption Key to Protect All Customers

The issue with Blackberry’s security mechanism is that the company uses a single global encryption key to protect all its regular customers, though the corporate BlackBerry phones use their own encryption keys generated by corporate servers.
During a court trial of a 2011 murder case, the RCMP revealed that it successfully unlocked around 1 Million messages sent between BlackBerry devices using the "appropriate decryption key."
However, the important question here is: How did the RCMP obtain that global key?
Neither the RCMP nor the prosecutor disclosed exactly how the police obtained the appropriate decryption key that can decrypt messages sent through the BlackBerry Internet Service.

Moreover, the report itself don't have a satisfying answer. However, the most logical answer is that BlackBerry itself gave Canada's federal authorities the access they wanted.

But besides this, the most important question now is Whether or not the RCMP still has the key.
After the closure of "Project Clemenza," a RCMP investigation into a mafia-related murder, BlackBerry changed its global encryption key. But it is believed that the RCMP still has the ability to decrypt BBM messages.
Recently in the battle with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) over device encryption, Apple set an example for all tech companies by refusing to comply with law enforcement for creating a backdoor into the iPhone of San Bernardino shooter Syed Farook.

The FBI later managed to hack into the iPhone using an alternate method, but Apple tried its level best to protect its customers' privacy and did not hand over backdoor in its secure device to law enforcement – though BlackBerry did just opposite of it.
BlackBerry has yet to comment on the matter. ... ption.html

("And here the blunder comes into play: The "keys" for the PGP encryption system were generated by the company's server, rather by the device.")

How Dutch Police Decrypted BlackBerry PGP Messages For Criminal Investigation

Swati Khandelwal

The Hacker News | 2017-03-10T00:29:00-11:00

The Dutch police have managed to decrypt a number of PGP-encrypted messages sent by criminals using their custom security-focused PGP BlackBerry phones and identified several criminals in an ongoing investigation.

PGP, or Pretty Good Privacy, an open source end-to-end encryption standard that can be used to cryptographically sign emails, files, documents, or entire disk partitions in order to protect them from being spied on.

You'll be surprised to know how the police actually decrypted those PGP messages.

In April last year, the Dutch Police arrested a 36-year-old man on suspicion of money laundering and involvement in selling customized BlackBerry Phones with the secure PGP-encrypted network to criminals that were involved in organized crimes.

At the time, the police also seized a server belonging to Ennetcom, the company owned by Danny Manupassa, which contains data of end-to-end encrypted communications belong to a large number of criminal groups.

Later, in January this year, the Dutch investigators claimed they could decrypt emails stored on PGP-encrypted BlackBerry devices using commercially available tools, but that only applied to phones in possession of authorities.

However, the latest news concerns reading all of the encrypted messages that were on the seized server.

Dutch police said they have accessed to the contents of 3.6 Million messages stored on that server, and that they even have managed to decrypt a number of messages, despite supposedly being protected with end-to-end encryption, announced Openbaar Ministerie (the Public Prosecution Service) in a press release on Thursday.

Decrypting messages gave authorities access to evidence for dozens of criminal investigations into assassinations, drug trafficking, money laundering, armed robbery, attempted murder and other organized crime, which can lead to significant, decisive breakthroughs in criminal matters.

But the question remains:

How did the Police Decrypt the PGP-encrypted Messages?

Ennetcom sold some 20,000 encrypted BlackBerry phones that came preloaded with a number of security features, including PGP email, which apparently means that the email content should be protected even if it's intercepted or if authorities search its server.

However, the Dutch authorities discovered that the Ennetcom PGP BlackBerry devices routed user communications through its own infrastructure, a Canadian court filing reads.

And here the blunder comes into play: The "keys" for the PGP encryption system were generated by the company's server, rather by the device.

As a result, the Dutch authorities noticed that the keys to decrypt the PGP encrypted messages on the Ennetcom PGP BlackBerry devices are also stored on Ennetcom's BlackBerry Enterprise Servers.

The authorities then discovered a total of 7TB of data on the central server of Ennetcom in Canada and found that it was possible to read encrypted messages on the server.

In response to the Openbaar Ministerie press release, Ennetcom announced on its website that "the public prosecution has done these seizures under false pretenses," based on suspicion of money laundering with the excuse as if all the phone customers are criminals. ... ption.html
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Re: Seth Rich

Postby kinderdigi » Mon Nov 27, 2017 6:36 am

If yeah can't trust the NSA, who can you trust?

July 20, 2017 / 3:04 AM / 4 months ago

BlackBerry wins right to sell secure messaging tools to U.S. government

Alastair Sharp2 Min Read


TORONTO (Reuters) - BlackBerry Ltd () said on Thursday it has won the right to sell tools for encrypting phone calls and text messages to the U.S. federal government, garnering an endorsement from the National Security Agency for the products.

The company said it received the endorsement from the NSA’s National Information Assurance Partnership, or NIAP, which reviews commercial technology products to see if they meet enhanced security standards for government use.

NIAP has also endorsed tools from BlackBerry rivals that outplayed BlackBerry in consumer smartphones, including Apple Inc () and Samsung Electronics ().

The fear that eavesdroppers are listening in to government communications has risen sharply in recent years, with an unencrypted mobile phone call between a senior U.S. State Department officer and the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine intercepted and leaked online in early 2014.

The tools are based on technology from Secusmart, which BlackBerry acquired in 2014 after the German startup won a contract to lock down Chancellor Angela Merkel’s mobile phone in the wake of claims by a former U.S. intelligence contractor that it was tapped by the NSA.

German prosecutors in 2015 dropped an inquiry into claims that Merkel’s phone was bugged, saying they had not found enough evidence to continue the probe.

BlackBerry said its encrypted voice and text messaging products are used by government agencies in 20 countries in Europe, Latin America, southeast Asia and Africa.

Germany is its biggest government customer. ... SKBN1A512F
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Re: Seth Rich

Postby kinderdigi » Wed Nov 29, 2017 8:16 pm

OT for the archive

D.B Cooper

FBI accused of cover-up after 46-year-old “Cooper letter” surfaces

DB Cooper | 2017-11-21T06:35:26+00:00

Newsweek Magazine; by Christal Hayes, November 20, 2017

The notorious case of the mysterious plane hijacker known as D.B. Cooper just took another curious turn, which has some saying the anonymous criminal who parachuted out of a plane with $200,000 in stolen cash could still be alive.

An intriguing 1971 letter that was signed by Cooper was recently made public for the first time in a freedom of information lawsuit, in reference to the hijacking and the FBI’s cold case.

In the note—given to filmmaker and author Thomas J. Colbert, who is investigating the case with a 40-member team—Cooper said he “knew from the start that I wouldn’t be caught.” Colbert says the new letter, along with a suspicious memo, have led him to believe the Bureau has been hiding many aspects of the case, he told the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

The writer goes on to say that he used putty makeup and a toupee that threw off investigators and artists who sketched wanted posters. After he boarded a commercial Boeing 727 under a fake name on November 24, 1971, he claimed to have a bomb, then demanded $200,000 and parachuted from the plane—disappearing into thin air. Literally.

Cooper was never found, but investigators did find some traces of his jump after-the-fact. Some of the $20 bills were located along the Columbia River in southern Washington State in 1980. Colbert and his team also recently found pieces of a strap and foam in the woods, which could be part of Cooper’s parachute. They sent the artifacts to the FBI, but the Bureau hasn’t said it plans to reopen the case, the SeattlePI reported.

Another internal document given to Colbert details the FBI’s examination of the letter, and poses the question of whether it was written on government stationery, mentioning “that it resembles the carbon copy of the airtel material used by the Field Offices.”

The letter is one of five 1971 notes sent by Cooper—or someone claiming to be Cooper—that haven’t been publicly released. That has caused many to question why the FBI didn’t cooperate until a lawsuit forced them.

“Frankly, I think there was a cover-up and continues to be a cover-up,” Colbert said.

The FBI closed the investigation last year, so it’s unknown if the public will ever find out what happened to Cooper—or if his actual name will ever be found. Some still believe he died after jumping from the plane.

While the earlier alleged hijacker letters were sent to newspapers along the West Coast, copies of this released note were forwarded to The NY Times and The Washington Post.

The FBI never talked about any of the five notes. It’s just the latest piece of evidence Colbert and his team have discovered in their six-year investigation.

Though it’s still a complete mystery as to who Cooper was or what happened to him, Colbert has his own theory about the case: “Credible” sources have told him that after Cooper landed in his drop zone, partners put him in a small aircraft, then they dumped some of his money near the Columbia River to throw authorities off.

Colbert told Fox News he believes a man named Robert W. Rackstraw Sr., now 74, is actually Cooper. But Rackstraw denies the notion and has said the accusation has ruined his life.

FYI: TJC doesn’t buy that. His team recently learned of a famous restaurant near the San Diego suspect that, until its 2015 closing, catered to famous fighter pilots, astronauts and stunt-pilots. A former customer and the retired owner of “Nieuport 17” both confirmed that Rackstraw hung there for decades and “knew every item on the menu.” Oh, and he also answered to D.B. Cooper.

© TJC Consulting LLC Copyright 2016


Investigators: Cooper documents confirm suspect and FBI cover-up ... t-Note.jpg


DB Cooper | 2017-11-19T23:52:43+00:00

It’s the case that won’t go away.

The only unsolved skyjacking in U.S. history remains unsolved. But a small army of private investigators is confident they have identified the culprit, his co-conspirators, and new evidence that many believe was covered up by the FBI for decades.

Several things highlighted by the writer — a lack of fingerprints on the jet, suspicion of Cooper wearing a hairpiece and possibly makeup and more — were evidentiary puzzles during the ordeal that weren’t publicly released at the time, Colbert said. Add on that two of these five Cooper letters were mailed from near a remote mountain home of a former NORJAK “person of interest,” and things point squarely toward the team’s theory.

Colbert’s retired law enforcement officials, forensic experts and more than a dozen FBI agents have previously identified Robert W. Rackstraw Sr., a 74-year-old Vietnam veteran now living in San Diego, as their focus. He was a hijacking suspect in the late 1970s, but formal charges were never pursued.

Reached by phone on Wednesday, Rackstraw had little to say about the allegations, other than to suggest the reporter verify Colbert’s claims.

The four earlier Cooper letters, mailed to newspapers from several states, were also quickly collected by field agents. But this rediscovered fifth note, the only one typed and stamped “evidence,” was kept away from visiting researchers and authors, let along the media, for 46 years. To Colbert, that suggests the FBI worked to hide the evidence of the getaway for decades.

“And it continues to this day,” said the team organizer.

One member of Colbert’s team, a former FBI special agent named Ron Hilley, wasn’t ready to call the letter and other actions a cover-up, but said he believes the Bureau simply wasn’t ready to expend more resources on a case that old.

Mystery from the beginning

It all began on Nov. 24, 1971, when a man calling himself Dan Cooper bought a one-way ticket on Northwest Orient Airlines from Portland to Seattle. Once aboard the Boeing 727, he slipped a note to the flight attendant saying he had a bomb and that he wanted $200,000 and four parachutes, as well as a refueling truck ready when they landed in Seattle.

In Seattle, the man exchanged the passengers for the ransom money and the plane took off, headed for Mexico. Somewhere over southwest Washington, Cooper jumped out the rear stair door of the plane and was never seen again.

The only verifiable evidence ever found was a small cache of $20 Cooper bills found near the Columbia River in 1980.

The FBI officially stopped pursuing the case in 2016, but said it would review any physical evidence of the parachutes or the money that turned up. It remains the only unsolved case of air piracy in the U.S.

Colbert and his team aren’t the only ones of course who have pursued the case independent of the FBI. But he and his group’s work was featured in a 2016 History Channel special, and that has drawn the most attention in recent years.

New evidence?

Last August, Colbert and a half-dozen forensic members headed to a digging site on private property in the Cascades (he isn’t releasing the location), following leads from a second-hand story that came to the team about Cooper’s secret getaway.

The escape tale’s details re-enforced Colbert’s belief that Rackstraw was the likely suspect, something he documented in the award-winning book, “The Last Master Outlaw,” and on the website he and his wife Dawna run together,

While digging in the remote mountain location, the team found bits of a strap and foam that they think were part of Cooper’s parachute and backpack

The Bureau wouldn’t comment on whether it’s taking any new action in the Cooper case, but it did reiterate its earlier commitment to review any physical or direct evidence brought forward.

The thing is, the FBI doesn’t seem to have made any moves at all.

FBI inaction?

“We gave them recovered materials, a credible dig site and two possible suspects,” Colbert said. “That was three months ago.”

Colbert claims this inaction isn’t an anomaly. He’s compiled a list of a dozen incidents that imply a larger evidentiary cover-up, including the following:

-Just before its court-ordered release, an agent’s old memo that claimed the fifth letter had “excited” the Bureau had its identifier “D.B. Cooper” redacted from the description;

-The FBI were forwarded personal stories and newspaper articles about a Swiss con artist that lived in two Oregon towns for several months, then vanished from a roommate’s couch the day before the hijacking. More than a dozen residents that recently viewed old news video and pictures of paratrooper Rackstraw adamantly believe he was their grifter;

-Court-released FBI field notes show agents interviewed a half-dozen farmers in La Center, Washington, who witnessed a small-plane pilot and two men in a truck on their remote fields, conducting nighttime take-offs and rendezvous in the rain — the day before and day of the hijacking. An out-of-town reporter talked to the same farmers after the FBI, and the storyteller who brought the team the getaway tale gave the same touch-and-go details and timetable. But when Colbert forwarded an escape summary last August featuring all three of these intertwining sources, the FBI had no comment.

-The college student who sat across from Cooper was responsible for providing the description for the most accurate FBI sketch. When Colbert tracked down the now 60ish-year-old passener for a professional “six-pack” mugshot test, he quickly picked Rackstraw out in a half-dozen photos. But when the video-taped conclusion was shown to an FBI liaison hired by History Channel, he described the result as “questionable at best.”

Colbert and many of his investigators now believe the FBI is trying to avoid being “shamed in court” by the team’s piecing together of the nearly five-decade-old case.

“It’d be a huge embarrassment that our volunteers were able to find evidence that they couldn’t,” said Colbert. “But this wasn’t what my wife and I set out to do. We worked hard to find 23 former feds the FBI would be comfortable working with. All we asked was, if they made an arrest, to thank the retired G-men on news conference day. But (former case agent) Curtis Eng rejected our face-to-face offer and all of their amazing evidence. It’s more than a year later, but it’s still very sad,” said Colbert.

Meanwhile, team member Ron Hilley still isn’t convinced Seattle Division is trying to cover things up.

“The FBI holds everything they have tighter than you’ve held anything in your life,” Hilley said. “My belief is that the FBI has closed the case…and they’re just not going to go back and do anything else.”

But the former polygrapher thinks the evidence assembled by their team will be rock solid once someone — the FBI or Colbert’s team — fully digs up the remote site and finds the rest of a parachute that can be proven to be Cooper’s.

While another member suggested Colbert may have gotten too focused on Rackstraw and so has found connections he wants to find to support his theory, Hilley saw it the other way around.

“When you get the right person…every piece of evidence will point at them because they did it,” Hilley said. “If you look at the entire investigation that Tom’s team has put in the book, there’s no way in hell that you could say it’s not (Rackstraw).”

© TJC Consulting LLC Copyright 2016
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Re: Seth Rich

Postby kinderdigi » Fri Dec 01, 2017 3:38 am

This case is moving slowly.. lots of collateral damage is expected..

Hard Drive Tied to Wasserman Schultz Is Central To Imran Awan Case

The Daily Caller | 8:37 PM 11/29/2017

A court date for a former Democratic IT aide has been postponed by more than a month after the defendant’s attorney, a former Hillary Clinton aide, said he’s seeking to block prosecutors from using evidence that appears to include a government laptop tied to Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

“The government has been in discussions with counsel for the defendants regarding complex discovery issues and other legal issues in this case, in particular issues surrounding claims of attorney-client privilege being raised by defendant Imran Awan,” court papers filed Tuesday say.

“Last night, counsel for both defendants indicated that they need additional time to review and analyze these issues, along with the voluminous discovery the government provided in this case,” according to the documents. “The government consents to this request.”

Chris Gowen, Awan’s attorney, said at the last hearing: “We do expect there being an attorney-client privilege issue in this case… What occurred is a backpack from my client was found, he was trying to get a better signal, there was a note that said attorney client privilege and a hard drive. We feel very strongly about this.”

A Capitol Police report shows that the backpack contained the following items:

#1 a Pakistani ID card with the name Mohommed Ashraf Awan
#2 a copy – not original – of a driver’s license with name Imran Awan
#3 a copy (front and back) of his congressional ID
#4 an Apple laptop with the homescreen initials ‘RepDWS’
#5 composition notebooks with notes handwritten saying ‘attorney client privilege’ and possibly discussing case details below
#6 loose letters addressed to US Attorney of DC discussing the apparent owner of the bag being investigated.

It is unclear how the handwritten note saying “attorney client privilege” could be construed to cover a hard drive, rather than the pages of notebook it was contained on.

Imran Awan, his wife, his two brothers Abid and Jamal, and a friend all worked as IT aides for dozens of Democratic members of Congress. Shortly after WikiLeaks published the Democratic National Committee’s emails and during the lead up to the 2016 election, investigators discovered indications that they were using a server “for nefarious purposes” and “could be reading and/or removing information,” according to a briefing.

They were banned from the House network in February 2017, but Wasserman Schultz, a Democrat from Florida, refused to fire Awan. Late one night in March, he left the backpack in a phone booth in a different House building than the one she occupies.

Wasserman Schultz fought to prevent law enforcement from looking at the laptop, threatening a police chief with “consequences” and implying it was “a member’s” laptop. She hired an outside lawyer, Bill Pittard, who specializes in the “speech and debate” clause of the Constitution that is designed to protect lawmakers from persecution for political stances, but lawmakers have used to try to stymie criminal probes in the past.

Now, it is Awans’ lawyers who are seeking the right to keep information in the backpack, including the “hard drive,” from being used as evidence.

Andrew McCarthy, a former chief assistant U.S. attorney who has followed the case, said “The A/C (attorney-client) privilege only applies to communications between the client and lawyer that are for the purpose of seeking legal advice and that are intended by both parties to be kept confidential… Moreover, asserting that something is A/C protected does not make it so. You still have to show that the material in question constitutes communications strictly between the lawyer and client that were for the purpose of seeking legal advice.”

“If I give my lawyer my bank records and ask him if they show evidence of a crime, the bank records do not become A/C-privileged — only his advice to me would be A/C-privileged. And if I stuck a sign on my bank records that said ‘A/C-privileged documents,’ that would not make them A/C-privileged documents,” he told The Daily Caller News Foundation Wednesday.

The notation indicates that Awan hired a lawyer long before March, because he knew he was the subject of a criminal investigation into his House activities. He was not charged with bank fraud until July, when he was arrested at the airport by the FBI. He was attempting to leave the country and prosecutors said a document he was carrying indicated he was using an alias.

The “voluminous discovery,” and the apparent importance of the hard drive to the case, also suggests the aides’ work in the House is at issue, not simply a matter of lying on requests for bank withdrawals. Democrats such as Rep. Joaquin Castro of Texas — a member of the intelligence committee — and Rep. Ted Lieu of California, however, have claimed the case has nothing to do with their work on Capitol Hill.

The men employed Abid and Jamal. “The brother you mentioned that got arrested, he was not my staffer, I used someone else who was part of the same company,” Lieu told a TV station. “If you look at the charge of the brother, he was charged with bank fraud… that has nothing to do with national security.”

Neither of the lawmakers explained why, if the only issue is alleged bank fraud by Imran, they would have fired all his relatives five months earlier.

The briefing warned that “all five of the shared employees system administrators collectively logged onto the [House Democratic] Caucus system 5,735 times, or an average of 27 times per day,” even though only one of them was authorized.

The hearing, set for Thursday, was postponed to Jan. 8. It was originally scheduled for just before Thanksgiving, but was postponed by a week after a similar request.

© Copyright 2010 - 2017 | The Daily Caller ... awan-case/

A bit of tabloid material for readers of this thread... And they look like such a nice couple..

Lawsuit against husband latest bit of bad news for Wasserman Schultz


To steal the words of Queen Elizabeth, 2017 will go down as an “annus horribilis” for the family of U.S. Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

In the wake of Wasserman Schultz’s roasting in Democratic Party stalwart Donna Brazile’s book and the Weston politician’s failure to fire a tech aide who was under FBI investigation, her husband is now accused of trying to rip off an elderly homeowner, according to a lawsuit recently filed in Fort Lauderdale.

Broward banker Steve Schultz, Wasserman-Schultz’s husband of 26 years, allegedly tried to have 70-year-old investor Frank DiMaria hand over the deed of his troubled $4 million commercial property in Pompano Beach to Schultz personally, according to the complaint.

Because DiMaria was having troubles reimbursing credit lines and mortgages issued by Schultz’s now-defunct Community Bank of Broward, the bank would eventually launch the foreclosure of DiMaria’s property on the heavily traveled Atlantic Boulevard beachfront area.

But before then, DiMaria now says, Schultz tried to intimidate him into surrendering his property to him without the proper foreclosure proceedings in a court of law.

“Mr. Schultz called Mr. DiMaria and proposed that he sign the Pompano Beach property over to Mr. Schultz personally,” the lawsuit reads. “Mr. DiMaria replied by stating, ‘Are you out of your mind?’

“Mr. Schultz replied by stating ‘no’ and further stating something to the effect of ‘no matter how big a lawyer you get or how many, I will destroy you and them and you know I have the power to do it.”

In a phone interview, Schultz said DiMaria knows he is married to Wasserman Schultz and is using that fact for effect.

“Mr. DiMaria knows I’m married to Debbie, so he might believe in some big conspiracy theory involving me and Debbie,” Schultz said. “But that’s not the case. I couldn’t personally seize his property even if I wanted to.

“He is a crazy old guy who cost the bank a lot of money. Eventually, we had to sell his mortgage to another party at a $200,000 loss.”

Schultz blamed DiMaria’s heavy Italian accent and lack of proficiency in English for the “misunderstanding.”

And he questioned DiMaria’s lack of business sense, saying that DiMaria overpaid for the 17,000-square-foot strip mall.

And soon after DiMaria’s purchase, Schultz said, road work in front of the property caused several tenants to lose business and stop payment on their leases.

“What is definitely possible is that someone at the bank asked Mr. DiMaria to sign over the property without a costly court fight. A full-fledged foreclosure battle costs money not only to the bank but to the landowner as well.

“But I never asked that he deed the property to me. Besides, I’m not interested in commercial properties.”

Wayne Atkins, DiMaria’s Miami-based lawyer, said the case was in its infancy and declined comment.

Steve and Debbie have been married since 1991. They live in a $700,000 home in Weston and have three children.

Schultz’s family is no stranger to controversy.

A U.S. Congresswoman since 2005, Wasserman Schultz resigned her position as head of the DNC during the latest presidential campaign after leaked party emails showed she favored the candidacy of Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders’ as party activists booed her off the stage of the Democratic Convention.

In her recently released book, Hacks, Brazile singled out Wasserman Schultz for her lack of leadership in agreeing to hand over control of the party to Clinton’s 2016 campaign.

And earlier this year, Wasserman Schultz refused to fire Imran Awan, an IT staffer under federal investigation for an alleged equipment and data scam in the U.S. House.

She finally got rid of him July 25, one day after authorities arrested him when he tried to leave for Pakistan after wiring himself $283,000 there. ... 60243.html
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