Does the Big Igloo movement exist?

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Does the Big Igloo movement exist?

Postby Eichenlaub » Thu Jul 02, 2020 7:08 pm

It's been a while and I've done some drugs in the meantime but it's nice to have a place to ask this: Does a boogaloo movement actually exist? I'm well familiar with the meme, hell if I wasn't the first to post something about civil war 2 electric boogaloo, I am certain I was there, I remember. I even remember stealing the something 2 electric boogaloo joke from the Colbert Report. That's the origin of the meme. Gun control was being discussed on reddit, I replied saying that's how you get civil war 2 electric boogaloo. It's been years, and I got tired if evading reddit band so I went to 4chan. I've been reading far right literature since the 80s, all the cheesy paladin press and SoF magazine stuff, the gun show stuff, then with the internet I've been active for periods on all the cesspools of the open internet. Stormfront etc. I've never seen any activity of anything boogaloo related besides memes. And the purported boogalorians seen at the protests and riots are all wearing clothes from old memes.
Does anyone have any proof that such a movement exists besides edgy normies on Facebook posting old memes?

Seems like a fake far right movement is to be used against the fake movements of Antifa and BLM
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Big Igloo

Postby el3so » Sun Jul 05, 2020 8:05 pm

Yay drugs!!! Welcome back dude. Too old for reddit or 4chan, too young for facebook myself.

Reads like the usual fear-mongering/media-hype (remember killer hornets?), both the size and capabilities of anti-fa/boogaloo looks limited to histrionics in the streets and on the net. Or maybe the tv and radio folks keep on losing touch with reality but I dunno, no dog in that fight. Pretty much textbook that lone nuts on both sides of the spectrum feel empowered and would resort to violence.

I wonder when the woke kids 'll start tearing down statues of Stephen Hawking, pervy cripple, always talking about black holes...
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Re: Does the Big Igloo movement exist?

Postby Mr.PocketsOfSteel » Fri Jul 31, 2020 1:04 am

I agree with eL3so.

We don't do tv except 1 hr. a day for the wife so she can watch her Andy Griffith shows. Then the tv gets literally unplugged from the wall, thankfully it's just Mon.-Fri.

Don't buy into what the media is selling you unless you can physically confirm it yourself.

Case in point. My boy calls his Mom and says that he heard through Facebook (we do NONE of those platforms except a YTube video here and there.) Mom (my wife) comes into my war room and tells me "that antifa"- or whatever you wanna call em' - I just call them troublemakers who should have a well placed slice across their achilles to make them think for once, you have a lot of time to think when you can't walk for a while or worse case scenario one well placed bullet. But I digress.

I jump in the car (wanna verify it myself) and drive 'maybe' 4 minutes if I don't hit the one red light and drive up to Walmart, where I see our local Leos in their SUV's strategically parked spread across the perimeter. I flash my lights 3 or 4 times as I head directly for the one cruiser, not the SUV's and pull right up to him ( I know him) driver door to driver door, I thought he was gonna crap his pants. I told him "you're pretty scary looking too"- though in all reality I'm the scarier looking. <heh> I get right to the point and told him what I had heard and that apparently 'something' was happening or they all wouldn't have been up there. His response was that "there were some 'grumblings' that something 'may' happen" etc etc etc x20

He then mentioned another little village down the road (maybe 6 miles?) 'may' be another target. He then tells me "Gregg - it'd be best if you just went home." I responded with "lets don't and say we did" and off I went (with a nice well placed non covid fist bump to said officer.) Bottom line - I drove down to the smaller village, went anywhere and everywhere where there would/could be trouble. Nothing except two pretty girls coming out of UDF with two BIG malts.

Lesson I learned, which I kinda already knew.....but things are now just a 'bit' different and I do mean just a 'bit' - that unless the trouble comes to my doors I'm not seeking it out. Did it once. Waste of my time and tread wear.
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